At Summit A*R, we know that the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t been kind to small to medium-sized businesses, but it’s been particularly challenging for veterinarian clinics. With more Americans facing employment issues today because of the current economic situation, they have less disposable income to take care of their furry friends.

Our animal companions were already an essential part of our lives, but they’re even more critical during these stressful and uncertain times. Not only do our pets provide companionship, but they all provide emotional support and help us keep going. Animals, the innocent, lovable creatures that they are, deserve care like any living being.

As some who runs a veterinarian clinic, you understand this. That’s why you don’t turn away any animal client at the door in need, even if their pet owner has bad credit, lacks pet insurance, or already owes you money. Your empathy may be why you hesitate to use veterinary collections service.

But you have expenses. Running a veterinary clinic is expensive. You have to pay salaries, rent, equipment, and much more. Then, there is maintenance, insurance, medication, subscriptions, food, and of course, incidental office expenses.

And if you started your business recently, then chances are that you’re in debt. Statistics suggest that the average debt of a young veterinarian is nearly $170,000. And 20% of you owe more than $200,000 in fees.

You also have other challenges. Gruelling hours, occasionally disgruntled and grief-stricken clients add to the sometimes emotionally devastating work.

You Need to Convert Past-Due Invoices into Money

We realize that the average veterinarian has higher past-due receivables because they often won’t say no to a patient in need. We also recognize that the average veterinarian has a higher-than-average monthly cost. The bottom line is that you are admirably idealistic, and you have a desire to give the best care possible to your furry patients. But you also deserve to keep your doors open.

You have a right to collect on a difficult debt. Not only because your tireless work should be compensated, but because your business is entitled to survive and ultimately thrive. Instead of chasing down uncleared bills month after month and worrying about maintaining cash flow, your time should be spent focusing on what you do best – taking care of the animals that need you.

Of course, you don’t want to partner with a collection agency that mistreats your customers. You’ve probably heard that a minority of debit collectors give the rest of the industry a bad name by resorting to aggressive and unethical tactics.

Not only is partnering with such individuals bad for your karma, but it’s bad for your bottom line. In the digital age, one negative review about your clinic’s overbearing collection tactics can go viral on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc., leaving you to handle the fallout. Even a misunderstanding by Internet trolls can ruin your week.

At Summit A*R, we’re the right collection agency for veterinarians because we take a more diplomatic approach to debt collection, especially in the age of the COVID-19 pandemic. Like veterinarians, we don’t forget our humanity in our business.

The P.H.D. (Preserve Human Dignity) Philosophy

At Summit A*R, for over two decades, we’ve used a philosophy we refer to as P.H.D. (Preserve Human Dignity). We do this by managing our accounts with humanity using sensitivity and compassion while avoiding shady tactics that give debt collectors a bad name. Methods such as robocalls, threats, and aggression have no place at Summit A*R. Instead, we rely on professionalism, experience, and well-trained and licensed staff—all of this to maximize your customer retention.

The Proof Is in the Pudding

As they say, the proof is in the pudding. We are proud to carry a perfect A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (B.B.B.). What’s more, our compliance record with all regulating agencies worldwide is unblemished.

Of course, you must be wondering how we collect debt if we take a more humane approach. We’re pleased to tell you that our P.H.D. Philosophy is our strength. Across different types of industries and debt types in the country, our recovery rates are largely double the industry average.

As an experienced collection company — we realize that most people are good and want to pay their dues. We help them find a way with our experience and skilled negotiation strategies. Of course, there are a minority of customers that take advantage of good businesses by not paying despite having the finances.

That’s why we always maintain a friendly yet stern approach. We can also report delinquent customers to the three major credit bureaus. Additionally, we can pursue legal action as an absolute last resort with your 100% authorized permission.

Medical Collections

Our veterinary collection service is just one branch of our medical collection services suite. We also offer medical collections to clinics, hospitals, etc., and dental collections. These are just some of the medical businesses that rely on our help because of our P.H.D. Philosophy, and our ability to recover revenue without hurting valuable relationships and reputations.

Thanks to our ethical approach, many former patients who worry if a medical bill goes to collections are surprised when they communicate with us. When you go on our platform, you’ll be pleased to see the positive feedback from creditors and debtors alike. Like we said, most debtors are responsible people who want to pay what they owe.

Protect Your Clinic and Your Furry Clients

Having worked with the veterinarian industry for as long as we have, we believe there are steps you can take to shield yourself from bad debt.

  • Check Credit History: We’ve seen many fresh veterinarians offer their services upfront to new clients only to suffer through unpaid bills. Consider offering credit and wellness plans only after checking credit history and establishing payment terms.
  • Encourage Pet Insurance: Explain to each new client the long-term medical cost of pet ownership, including potential surgeries. Securing expenses in such a manner is beneficial for you, your customer, and the animal in need.
  • Recommend a Pet Health Savings Account (H.S.A.): This alternative to pet insurance also helps your clients plan for unexpected medical issues. Depending on the financial institution, such accounts can come bundled with various benefits.

Please get in touch with us today through our website for an excellent veterinary collection solution. Our licensed and trained professionals are standing by to answer your questions.