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Summit A•R provides tailored and effective collection services spanning a broad range of industries.

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Our Mission Statement

Efficiency, ethics, and respect: the principles we've built our business on.

It’s simple… SUMMIT A•R exists for the sole purpose of reuniting our clients with their hard-earned revenue in the most efficient, ethical and cost-effective manner. We do this while adhering to strong core beliefs and values.

We VALUE our clients: Preserving our clients’ reputation is our top priority. Everything we do stems from a personal sense of responsibility to the business with which we have been entrusted.

We LOVE our team: We have gathered a team of smart, fun, and hard-working Rockstars. They are committed, held accountable and consistently achieve excellence in an environment that fosters respect, humor and integrity.

We RESPECT people: We follow all the rules and regulations of our industry, but in a challenging business environment we also choose to treat everyone with compassion, respect, and the dignity that we believe everyone deserves.

We GIVE to our community: We are blessed and choose to show our appreciation by giving back to our community with our resources, energy, and time.

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