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Summit A•R provides tailored and effective collection services spanning a broad range of industries.

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About Summit A•R

We're different... in a good way.

Do friendly debt collectors exist? Wait ‘til you meet our team.

Have you thought about using a consumer or commercial collection agency, but you’re not sure if it’s worth your while? Or, have you tried a big agency before, only to find confusing fees, poor service, and disappointing results?

With a nationwide footprint and recovery rates nearly double the industry average, Summit Account Resolution (Summit AR) is changing minds about collection agencies, one client at a time. Since 1996, we’ve been doing things a bit differently. Our track record includes successful recovery of some of the most difficult debts.

What sets Summit A•R Apart:

  • Over 25 years on the front lines of debt collections
  • A long-term staff of trained, licensed collection professionals
  • A skip-tracing department run by a licensed private investigator
  • No robo-calls, threats, or other aggressive tactics
  • Fees you can understand; no minimums or hidden costs
  • Perfect A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Impeccable compliance record with all regulating agencies nationwide

How We Earned a P.H.D. (in Collections)

Historically, debt collection agencies have gotten a bad rap because some are perceived as using unethical tactics. Not only do these tactics fray the relationships you’ve worked hard to build; they can irreparably damage your reputation.

Summit uses an approach we call our “P.H.D. Philosophy” (Preserve Human Dignity) to ensure your company is represented with professionalism and integrity at every step of the debt recovery process. Our experts handle accounts with sensitivity and compassion, allowing us to recover what you’re owed without alienating the customers and vendors who are vital to your business. We encourage prospective clients to review our mission statement to better understand our values and approach.

What People Are Saying…

Scott Y's Avatar Scott Y Dec 3

"Debbie is always so cheerful, makes me feel in a giving mood - my fave person there!"

Lauren N's Avatar Lauren N Dec 6

"Jimmy, I appreciate your understanding and patience. Can't believe I'm treated this well by a collection agency!"

Kendall M's Avatar Kendall M Dec 7

"I loved working with Josh on my account, made the process so much easier and enjoyable."

Daniel S's Avatar Daniel S Dec 8

"I appreciate your kindness and professionalism."

Ken B's Avatar Ken B Dec 9

"I really appreciate your help, I hope you have an absolutely great rest of your day!"

George T's Avatar George T Dec 10

"You were wonderful, helpful and understanding. Made this process a lot easier than others in this line of work."

Oscar I's Avatar Oscar I Dec 13

"Tammy, for being a debt collector, you are the nicest I've ever talked to. Thanks for your help and kindness."

Tracey K's Avatar Tracey K Dec 14

"Jakayla, you are a very sweet lady!"

Brian W's Avatar Brian W Dec 15

"I really made you work for this payment, and I appreciate that you understand the game."

Hera P's Avatar Hera P Dec 16

"Thank you for being so kind and answering all my questions. I appreciate your patience."

Donna P's Avatar Donna P Dec 17

"I was surprised by how nice Josh was on the phone, I wasn't expecting that from a collection agency."

Terrie's Avatar Terrie Dec 20

"You've given me my Christmas gift. Thanks for working with me on this."

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