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We take care of the people who take care of our pets.

It’s a frustration shared by many vets: you’ve put your skill, experience, and heart into saving a beloved animal, but now the owner is unwilling to pay you for your services. Your front desk staff are trying their best to collect unpaid veterinary bills, but let’s be honest, that’s not the job they were trained for. You need a team that specializes in veterinary debt collection. Summit A•R is just the agency to help.

Summit has over 23 years of experience practices of all sizes collect their unpaid veterinary bills. We’re a full-service agency with a history of success. Our recovery rates are double the national average. Better still, we get those results without resorting to unethical or aggressive techniques. Let us take care of your veterinary collection needs, so you can focus on providing the best care possible.

The Only Veterinary Debt Collection Agency with a “P.H.D.”

We get it: you want the money you’re owed, but you want to protect the relationships you’ve formed with your client families and their pets. Our unique “P.H.D. (Preserve Human Dignity) Philosophy” is designed to preserve those valuable relationships. We believe that kind, courteous persuasion works better than angry 9PM phone calls, and our success rate proves it.

Real-Time Results to Keep You in the Loop

With our advanced client portal, you can easily track our collection efforts. Send new accounts for collection, view payment activity, download custom reports, and more — any time, day or night.

Contact us today and learn how our collection agency can help get your veterinary accounts back in the black!