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Meet a Collection Agency Serious About Getting You Back in the Black

While we try to lighten the mood, there’s nothing funny about not getting paid for your work—or the myriad of laws and compliance regulations surrounding the collection process. That’s why Summit Account Resolution (Summit A•R) takes representing its clients and their debt recovery needs very seriously. Our services include: Best Pick 2020
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Accounts resolved in the past 12 months

$140 Million

Recovered for our clients to date


Consumer complaint rate

A Proven Process for Debt Recovery

With Summit’s “P.H.D. Philosophy” (Preserve Human Dignity), you’ll find no automated “robo-dialers” that leave multiple, irritating messages for consumers and do nothing to resolve the account. In a sea of large, faceless consumer and commercial collection agencies, ours specializes in treating people right and following all the rules—and we selectively choose clients who share these same values. From small businesses and practices to major corporations, we represent companies that want their monies collected using a different kind of approach.

Dependable and Experienced Collection Professionals

You’ll find only quality career collection professionals (minimum of 10 years experience) handing your accounts at Summit. We’ve learned that treating our staff well, training them thoroughly, and providing them with the resources they need to do their jobs correctly leads to a much better client and consumer experience.

There’s No Time Like the Present—Get Started Today

For over 25 years, “doing the right thing” has earned Summit an impeccable compliance record and a growing stable of long-term, satisfied clients. If our consumer / commercial collection agency sounds like a good fit for you, contact us today.

Real Feedback From Our Clients… and From Consumers!

Eli F

“It was so great speaking to Josh. Not so fun issue, but always great to resolve it with people that are kind.”

8:18 am
December 22, 2021

Blake G

“Tammy, thank you so much for walking me through what I assumed would be a terrible experience. You rock!”

10:36 am
December 23, 2021

Richard N

“Jakayla is very nice, understanding, pleasant, and professional. She is always a pleasure to speak to.”

1:37 pm
December 27, 2021

Josh B

“Thank you for the amazing customer service. So happy you were willing to work with me to get this paid.”

3:13 pm
December 28, 2021

Dawn M

“I apologize for my husband’s rudeness, but you handled it well. Thanks for your patience and kindness.”

10:40 am
December 29, 2021

Phil D

“All interactions were very professional, timely and helpful. Thank you!”

12:39 pm
December 30, 2021

Brian B

“Thanks so much. I’ll be leaving a positive review. Exceeded my expectations.”

9:34 am
January 20, 2022

Brett B

“Everyone I’ve worked with has been so nice & helpful!”

3:05 pm
January 21, 2022

Ronald G

“Summit is the best collection agency I’ve ever worked with, and believe me, there have been a few!”

9:32 am
January 24, 2022

Ann M

“Thanks for taking the time, Tammy. You’re very knowledgeable.”

2:28 pm
January 25, 2022

Tim T

“Toni does an amazing job in client relations. Her performance is better than exceptional.”

4:49 pm
January 26, 2022

Trisha D

“When I called in, I was shocked by how nice y’all are.”

8:16 am
January 27, 2022

Tina C

“thanks much for taking the time to explain this bill and for helping me resolve it”

12:19 pm
September 27, 2022

"I would strongly encourage any business that needs an honest, reliable and profession collection agency to contact Summit. Thank you for your excellent work and for helping us recover the monies owed!"

— Raina S.
BBB Review

"Summit is truly a class act when it comes to collections and I couldn't imagine trusting our business to anyone else. The professionalism and experience cannot be matched!"

— Lindsey W.
BBB Review

"We have been very pleased with Summit over the past several years. We never hear the typical complaints from patients regarding contact with their agency. [...] I love the way they conduct business!"

— Jayne M.
BBB Review

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