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Consumer Collection Solutions

Get customers to pay—without being the “bad guy.”

Let us take you back into the black.

You want the money you’re owed, but you don’t want your customers to hate you. So what’s the best way forward? Hiring a consumer collection agency that respects your customers and helps your cash flow woes.

Put your unpaid accounts—and your confidence—in Summit A•R’s capable hands. For the past two decades, our consumer collection agency has bucked conventional industry wisdom and marched to the beat of our own drum. And since our debt recovery rates far exceed the competition, we’re pretty sure we’re doing it right.

We tackle consumer collections with respect and dignity. You can improve your cash flow and your recovery rate without angering your customers.

A Better Way to Do Consumer Collections

Summit A•R believes in doing consumer collections a better way. You want your customers to keep coming back, but you still need them to pay to keep your business running. To achieve that fine balance, we do consumer debt collections a little differently:

  • No unethical or demeaning collection tactics
  • A no-complaint policy, evidenced by our A+ BBB rating
  • Trained, licensed debt collection professionals (10+ years experience)
  • Skip-tracing department run by a licensed private investigator
  • Long-term, friendly, genuinely helpful staff

Learn more about our commitment to better debt collection practices and how we’re changing the reputation of consumer collection agencies.

The Only Consumer Collection Agency with a P.H.D. (in Collections, That Is)

Money matters, but so does your reputation. Our P.H.D. Philosophy” (Preserve Human Dignity) means that our professionals treat consumers with compassion and respect—not threats. This helps preserve the relationships you’ve built with your customers, so they’ll want to do business with you again.

Our Consumer Collections Compliance Commitment

Compliance with the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and other state and local regulations is something we take seriously. Summit ensures strict adherence by requiring that our consumer collections staff undergo continuous training.

Anytime, Anywhere Account Visibility from Your Consumer Collection Agency

Keep tabs on Summit’s progress with our secure, fully HIPAA-compliant portal, which provides 24/7 access to your account status. Upload new placements, check on payments, download activity, and even request regular emailed reports. You deserve to know how our consumer collections are going at any time of day.

Why Use a Consumer Collection Agency?

Hiring a consumer collection agency can speed up the clock on overdue payments and improve compliance. Even uncooperative consumers are more willing to work with a consumer collection agency because they understand that their credit history may be affected or legal action could be employed. People take consumer collection agencies seriously. We don’t have to use underhanded tactics to get people to pay attention, and our success rate as a consumer collection agency is better for our commitment to respect and dignity.

If you have questions about our process, our recovery rate, or consumer collections in general, check out our FAQ page or give us a call.

We Are Also a Commercial Collection Agency

Are you a supplier or service provider in the B2B sector? We’re also a commercial collection agency and we take the same attitude when dealing with B2B clients that we do with consumers. There are real people on the other end of the line and they influence business decisions. We’re committed to our P.H.D. Philosophy in consumer collections and commercial collections. You need a commercial collection agency that understands and respects your business reputation among consumers and partners.

…Once I spoke with Tammy, her warm professional demeanor impressed me so much I immediately set up a payment plan and kept my word to the $200.00 bi-weekly.

—Marsha R., consumer

Contact us today and learn how our consumer collection agency can help you convert more aged receivables into bottom-line revenue.

    Unfortunately at this time we are unable to accept new clients seeking to recover less than $5,000.

    Unfortunately at this time we are unable to accept new clients requiring "one-off" collection services.