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Employee Reimbursement Solutions

Don’t set a precedent—let us recover what you’re owed.

Stiffed by a former employee?

Your staff member earned a degree on your company’s dime—and then resigned the day after graduation. It’s a low blow, but the good news is you do have options for making it right. And Summit A•R is just the agency to help.

Summit has been helping companies like yours recover employee reimbursement debt for over 28 years. We’ve handled it all, including:

  • Overpaid salary
  • Tuition/continuing education reimbursement
  • Unauthorized travel expenses
  • Uniform fees
  • Commission recalls
  • Relocation expenses related to early termination
  • Unauthorized regular expense items

Whether your issue arises from a simple misunderstanding or outright deception, our collection agency can help your former (or current) worker understand their obligation and the benefits of paying you back. Credit reporting to all three major bureaus—included at no extra cost—helps encourage timely repayment.

The Only Employee Debt Collection Agency with a P.H.D.

We get it: you want the money you’re owed, but you don’t want to be the villain. Never fear: guided by our “P.H.D. Philosophy” (Preserve Human Dignity), our licensed debt collection professionals take the high road to recovery. That means angry 9pm phone calls are out, and kindness and courtesy are in. This approach works better than the “old way”—our success rate proves it.

See Our Progress in Real Time

Through our comprehensive client portal, you can upload new accounts for collection, view payment activity, download custom reports, and more 24/7.

Contact us today and learn how our employee debt collection agency can help you recover your investment without burning bridges.