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Education and Tuition Collections

Comprehensive services, higher collection rates, and the delicate touch needed to preserve your good name.

We’re the collection professionals who understand the value of your good name.

There used to be a time when you had to pick and choose the types of services that you could receive from an Education/tuition receivables Collection agency. Maybe you’d find the right agency with the perfect representatives, but they wouldn’t do certain things that you needed (like credit reporting, legal etc.); or you found an agency that does all the things that you need but their reps aren’t experienced. Those days are over.

How does this sound?

What if you could find an agency where all of the representatives have more than five years’ experience (most with much more), each of them having perfect records with all regulatory agencies?  What if that same agency also reported to the major credit bureaus? In addition, what if they had the following features?

  • Full Portal interaction.  Placement of accounts, reports, etc. all available online. 
  • Data furnisher to the major credit bureaus
  • Fully customizable reporting 
  • Licensed and Bonded since 1996 – Collecting Nationwide
  • ACA Member
  • Representatives tested daily on ever changing collection regulations
  • A single point of contact (always a friendly human)
  • Recovery rates that nearly double the national average

If your answer is yes to these questions, it’s worth looking into Summit A•R.   We’ve made it our life’s work to create a collection agency that upstanding, well-branded companies and institutions can count on to preserve their good names.  

The last thing anyone needs is a negative Google review or some other problem, like a lawsuit.  Those things happen if the collection representative isn’t experienced enough to handle a complex talk-off.

We handle education accounts in an educational way. There’s just no other way to do it correctly.

Don’t wait another day to collect your unpaid tuition!

When educational debt goes unpaid, time isn’t on your side. Contact the education and tuition debt collection experts at Summit A•R today to begin the process of recovering what you’re owed.