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Education and Tuition Collections

Comprehensive services, higher collection rates, and the delicate touch needed to preserve your good name.

Higher Education A/R and Tuition Recovery Services

Our EDU collections team is led by a 20+ year tenured Higher Education Expert, Nate Koering, who is available to answer all your questions, lead your recoveries and make sure you’re represented with professionalism and compliance through every contact! In addition to Nate, we’ve assembled a great team of education receivable experts to compliment our already “Rockstar” team of admin and client care teams. You will be taken care of from first account placement all the way through our proven process.

We offer a “360 degree” approach when handling your receivables. Your student enrolls in your institution, your student falls on hard times, your student is submitted to collections, our agency gains insight into the student’s situation helping them find ways to resolve their unique financial challenge. Once their account is resolved, your student re-enrolls to complete their education at your institution completing full “360 degree” revolution. Not alienating your student or the relationship they have with your educational institution is always a top priority of our recovery process.

Your institution’s faith in us is appreciated through our competitive contingency rates, prompt courteous client support you can count on whether via phone, email or through our user friendly and secure online portal. In addition, we offer the ability to utilize credit bureau reporting and legal forwarding in addition to custom reporting options that will allow you to make informed decisions on revenue and forecasting.

Together we can help each other achieve our goals and maintain a positive experience for your students.

A Name You Can Trust.

Summit A•R is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, and a member in good standing of the ACA, IACC, and more.

BBB Rating: A+
ACA International Badge
IACC Badge

When you’re open to discussing placements or just need an education receivable collection partner to talk to. We’ve got your back!

How we do it:

  1. Complete letter series: Our industry compliant letter series increases resolution.
  2. Thorough calling campaigns: Since time is of the essence, initial contact begins as soon as your account is placed for active collections. Contact continues until the account is either resolved or all authorized parties have been contacted without resolution.
  3. Tenure: Our staff has an average of 12 years of direct Higher Education Recovery Experience and is continually trained on the ever changing regulatory environment of our industry.
  4. Skip Tracing: The ability to locate new contact information and then reach out to your students quickly is the key to our program’s success. Our proprietary “waterfall” skip-tracing methods help us locate new phone numbers from multiple sources at a far greater rate than traditional collection agency methods. Address information is obtained real-time from the U.S. Postal Service to update the student’s information the instant they move or change their address. We invest significantly in this area because it yields the results our clients appreciate.
  5. Consumer Credit Reporting: When appropriate and requested, Summit has the ability to report collection items to consumer credit bureaus, thereby affecting a consumer’s credit rating. This is done only after the consumer is given ample opportunity to resolve the account; typically after 180 days.
  6. Compliance: Over 28 years, Summit has an impeccable compliance record nationwide and is dedicated to maintaining our record of compliance in every aspect of our corporation. All employees receive departmental training, have calls reviewed for quality assurance, and are rewarded for consumer satisfaction.
  7. Compassion and Responsibility: Our agency strives to bring a 360° lifespan to your institution. We are committed to positive experiences while helping students understand responsibility, and hopefully, re-enrollment after resolution.

We are an outreach and giveback agency also, ask us how you’ll be a part of changing lives!

Don’t wait another day to collect your unpaid tuition!

When educational debt goes unpaid, time isn’t on your side. Contact the education and tuition debt collection experts at Summit A•R today to begin the process of recovering what you’re owed.