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Commercial Collections

Recover lost revenue—without alienating your clients.

Helping the cash flow since 1996.

When customers don’t pay you for your products and services, it’s not only frustrating, it also creates more work for you and your team. Chasing down delinquent payments costs time and money. That’s where Summit A•R can help. As a commercial collection agency, we can do the work of collecting from your B2B partners while preserving the positive relationship your organization has worked so hard to foster.

Over the past 28 years, our commercial collection agency has recovered millions of dollars for businesses of all sizes, across an array of sectors and debt types. In fact, Summit’s recovery rates in most cases are nearly double the industry average. Let us support your in-house commercial debt collection efforts. You can also outsource your aged receivables entirely to reduce costs. Getting accounts out of the red and into the black is what we do (and we do it well).

Our strategy as a commercial collection agency includes:

  • No unethical or aggressive collection tactics
  • Trained, licensed debt recovery professionals (10+ years experience)
  • Skip-tracing department run by a licensed private investigator
  • A no-complaint policy, evidenced by our A+ BBB rating
  • Long-term, friendly, and genuinely helpful staff

Why Use a Commercial Collection Agency

Once a commercial collection agency is involved, businesses and consumers alike are more likely to take your invoices and overdue notices seriously. Businesses have credit scores too, and the involvement of a commercial collection agency can affect their ability to secure loans in the future. Find out more about how working with a commercial collection agency can improve your recovery rates on our FAQ page.

What Makes Us a Different Commercial Collection Agency

We take a different approach from most commercial debt collection agencies. We believe that a no-complaint policy is the best way to serve our clients. You need commercial collection services to keep up cash flow and pay for operating and overhead expenses, but your collection efforts shouldn’t be at the expense of your business relationships.

The Only Commercial Collection Agency with a P.H.D.

Through our “P.H.D. Philosophy” (Preserve Human Dignity), Summit brings humanity back to commercial debt collection, treating people like people to get far better results. Our team understands the nuances of successful commercial debt collection agencies, and the importance of preserving customer relationships while resolving bad debt.

Even when the debt is held by a business, there’s always a person on the other end of the line. Treating them with dignity and respect is the most effective way to go about commercial debt collection, improving your recovery rate and maintaining your business reputation.

Beyond Commercial Collections

In addition to working with businesses as a commercial collection agency, we provide a number of other debt collection services, including consumer debt collection, medical debt collection, dental debt collection, and more. We work with all types of business on many types of debt.

Track Your Commercial Debt Collection Agency’s Progress

We believe in transparency for all clients, no matter the size. Via our secure, comprehensive portal, you can view the status of your account, place new accounts for collection, download custom reports, and more 24/7.

Summit AR handled the accounts extremely professionally and kept that quality working relationship with our client intact. Best of all we received a 75% recovery rate. I would recommend them to any company.

—Micah B., Director, National Franchiser

Contact us today and learn how our commercial collection agency can help you convert more aged receivables into bottom-line revenue.

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