Comprehensive collection services

Summit A•R provides tailored and effective collection services spanning a broad range of industries.

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Pre-Collection Services

Outsource your "busy-work" to a company you can trust.

Pre-Collect, Early-Out, First Party, BOS…

Call it what you want, but it means one thing: Summit A•R can do all of your in-house collections for you!

Imagine being able to outsource all those “busy-work” jobs in your current A/R cycle out to a company you can trust to represent you professionally and with no complaints from your patients.

Whether it’s patient billing, telephone follow-ups, insurance follow-ups or simply helping a patient understand why they have a balance, Summit A•R is the only agency we know of with a record this clean.

Our representatives understand the importance of the “patient experience” and keeping it positive.

Simply talk to us at (888) 222-0793, and we will design a program that will empower you to use your staff for generating new revenue. We will collect your current revenue for you and still save you money!