Summit A*R would like to start the New Year with some good news — we’re growing! We’re proud to announce that we have acquired a company that complements what we’ve always done and how we’ve done it: American Credit Systems.

Summit A*R’s core values align with American Credit Systems very nicely. We’re glad to offer their clients increased access to our range of professional services, such as commercial and consumer credit reporting, monthly emailed status and remittance reports, nationwide collection capabilities, and more.

Previous American Credit Systems clients won’t have anything to worry about, as there won’t be any disruptions. Bob and Mitch will join our team and remain involved with their old accounts, so there’ll be continuity and no disruptions during this exciting transition.

Expect Communication

Change is inevitable, but it’s easier to adjust to change when there’s an open dialogue and positive communication. American Credit Systems clients should expect a call from Bob or Mitch if they haven’t heard from them yet.

They will sort out any practical questions you may have and ease your mind concerning any aspects of the transition. Our companies have operated in similar ways for the same type of people, so there shouldn’t be any hiccups.

Summit A*R has proudly provided debt collection for businesses for over 28 years, and we’re excited to help a new segment of clients. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call Bob and Mitch at 630-980-5500.

Of course, we’re all one company now, and American Credit Systems’ previous customers should feel free to contact Summit A*R’s team by calling 888-212-2021.

PHD Strategy

When many people think of debt collection, they imagine a tension between treating people with both kindness and dignity and collecting what’s owed. Thankfully, this doesn’t have to be the case!

Summit A*R’s PHD strategy involves managing to achieve both aims at once. Our clients are familiar with our PHD strategy because it has been at the core of what we’ve done for over two decades. We’ll unpack it here for our new customers joining the fold.

At Summit Accounts Resolution, PHD stands for “Preserve Human Dignity.” The idea plays a vital role in what we do, but it’s straightforward to understand. When interacting with debtors, we always treat them with respect and try to be as helpful as possible.

Being genuinely nice to people is its own end, but there’s also a strategic angle. We don’t want to leave a sour taste in anybody’s mouth or treat them in any way that undermines the hard work you’ve put into client relations and brand management. Otherwise, it could burn a bridge and damper any ongoing business relationship with that client.

close up of hands typing while calculating debts manually in a ledger

Summit A*R will never use underhanded or aggressive tactics that may be associated with debt collection because of Hollywood movies or, unfortunately, sometimes, real life. Debt collection methods like robocalls, threats, or aggressive language will alienate customers and clients and may not even result in improving your collections. Indeed, Summit A*R recoups nearly double the industry average without ever resorting to such methods.

Ideally, you get more of the money that’s owed back into your accounts without leaving a bad impression on people you’d like to do business with again. We’re proud to be an ethical debt collection agency that exceeds business goals while treating everybody we encounter with humanity and professionalism. Managing to do both at once may seem like a tall order, but this is Summit A*R’s specialty!

Specialized Collections

Debt collection may vary considerably from industry to industry. Some niche sectors have quirks that must be followed for ethical and legal reasons. Summit A*R is proud to offer our services to clients across specialized sectors, like dentists and medical professionals.

For example, doctors and other healthcare professionals must comply with all HIPAA guidelines, or they could open themselves up to PR crises and lawsuits. Summit A*R is proud to help business owners improve cash flow while also helping them navigate government regulations that retain privacy for patients, providing 100% HIPAA compliance.  

If you’ve been a customer of American Credit Systems, it doesn’t matter what sector you’re in — we will recoup more of your debts sooner while steering you safely through all your regulations and compliance requirements.

Exceptional Skip Tracing

Finally, while all debt collectors promise to get more of your debts back into your accounts, but they don’t have Summit A*R’s approach to skip tracing. We’re proud to be about the only debt collector in the US with their own licensed, in-house private investigator to handle skip tracing.

Many debt collectors fail when debtors change names, locations, or employment status without telling the people they owe. Trying to locate people working hard not to be found can be like salt in the wound — not only are you out the initial money owed, but you invest more in the futile effort of trying to find them and their assets.

Summit A*R has skip tracing down to a science because our experienced private investigator also has access to local databases other companies don’t. Our elevated skip tracing department can make a crucial difference, and we’re proud to offer it at no extra charge.

Some companies try to cut corners and task HR personnel, or others similarly ill-suited, with locating debtors. However, even most debt collection agencies don’t have a professional investigator on their team. Find your debtors and their assets faster by relying on people with the right experience and skill set to make a difference.

Summit A*R is proud to grow our business and offer more people the vital services we’ve provided since our founding in 1996. American Credit System’s skip tracers and administrative personnel shared our approach to debt collection and have it in their DNA. Merging has been a natural process, and we’re eager to see the results of the fusion in the new year and beyond.