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Skip Tracing

Don't let your accounts receivable hold back your business.

Finding the person or entity owing a debt is one of the biggest frustrations in trying to recover accounts and where many agencies fail. Millions of people are difficult for businesses to find due to events such as relocation, name change or a change in employment status. The large majority of these people neglects to inform you of these life changes, resulting in lost money to your company and an increase in receivables.

Skip tracing is the art of locating people and their assets and Summit has it down to a science. We are one of the only agencies in the country with an actual, on-staff licensed private investigator overseeing our skip trace department. Our investment in this important area offers a huge advantage to our clients. Their expertise, coupled with access to the leading locate databases, ensure our locate rates are far higher than agencies that rely on free searches or aren’t equipped with comparable tools. To you, this means we will locate your debtors and their assets, turning bad debt into collected accounts returned to your bottom line as revenue. Unlike some other agencies, our Skip tracing solutions are provided to clients at no additional cost. Contact us to learn how our skip tracing solutions coupled with our proven collection programs will yield net return results that will locate your smile again.