As a business grows, it needs the ability to scale up smoothly so it can continue to expand. Growth is hard to achieve when companies are looking in their rearview mirror, waiting for money they should already have to appear in their accounts.

Outstanding debts can be a debilitating issue for smaller businesses, but debt collection challenges for large companies, like those in the Fortune 100, are even more serious because there are higher costs for salaries and overhead. The larger the stakes and the more moving pieces there are in an organization, the more important it is to collect debts in a timely manner or prevent payments from being delinquent in the first place.

Let’s check out a few ways that Summit A*R can keep F100 companies on track by ensuring they aren’t held back by debts.

Commercial and Consumer Collections

If a B2B partner or consumer owes your business money, you need to get that money back. However, your approach will change, as debt recovery solutions for businesses must factor in the debtor’s nature.

Our experienced experts show respect and kindness towards everybody they deal with, but they also have the right tact to handle sensitive, delicate matters. Whether it’s a commercial client or a customer who likes your company’s brand, we’ll treat them with the courtesy and forthrightness that results in getting your money back without stirring up any negative feelings towards your company.

Even if your HR or in-house collections personnel insist on devoting the time necessary to accomplish these things, managing both is a real challenge. We will help you maintain positive client relations while maximizing your debt collection.

PHD Philosophy

As alluded to above, Summit A*R is proud to make kindness a core part of our operations. In fact, we have a “PHD” philosophy, which stands for Preserve Human Dignity. Whether in Hollywood movies or even in real life, debt collectors are associated with aggressive, underhanded tactics, such as robocalls, threatening language, late-night calls, and more.

Summit A*R abstains from this type of behaviour and never does anything that would reflect poorly on your company. You invest valuable money in building up a reputation and developing a corporate brand. We’d never threaten or undo that work by treating debtors badly.

Thankfully, showing respect and effective debt collection go hand in hand! Summit A*R manages to recoup nearly double the industry average without any of the negative tactics sometimes associated with the industry.

You don’t need to choose between getting your money back into the accounts where it belongs or treating people humanely. Get both by putting Summit A*R on the task.

Next-Level Skip Tracing

Companies are in a bind when they face an outstanding debt from a person or company trying hard not to pay. Is it wiser to invest more money, energy, and time into tracking them down or cut their losses? The first option risks more financial drain without any guaranteed result, while the second option may encourage a bad precedent in other debtors and guarantees that you’ll never collect the money owed.

Summit A*R is nearly the only debt collection agency in the US with its own licensed private investigator in-house. It doesn’t matter if the debtor in question changes their name or even relocates. We’ll find them and their assets sooner.

We have a better, more comprehensive database locate databases than the companies that rely on free resources. Between our better experience and superior tools, we’ll get you improved results in less time.

Even better, our customers can use our private investigator at no extra charge. They won’t have to do any cost-benefit calculations. They’ll also make timely reports to the major credit bureaus, which encourages companies and people to make their payments. After all, if their credit score takes a hit, they can save money by paying you.


Sometimes, F100 companies can benefit by altering existing practices in a way that helps prevent delinquent payments or improve cash flow in other ways. There isn’t one universal approach to improving this. Our seasoned professionals will familiarize themselves with your processes before recommending places to improve.

Reduce write-offs and deliver better customer service at the same time. Tweaking core processes like this helps establish a healthy foundation for F100 companies to grow and build upon. Get personalized consulting from true experts by hiring Summit A*R.

Full-Service Litigation

Hopefully, a delinquent debt doesn’t become a legal issue. It’s much better for both parties to resolve any outstanding debt issue sooner. However, if you have exhausted all options and there’s nothing else you can do, Summit A*R’s qualified affiliated attorneys can help you out. It’s worth checking out the lead-up to this process.

First, our licensed private investigator will run a thorough financial investigation on the debtor, doing further due diligence if there’s a bankruptcy or insolvency situation. Such investigations ensure that a case won’t go to court unless there are good chances of recovery.

If the chances of recovery are deemed low, you won’t pursue that path and won’t have to pay a cent. We’ll only go ahead once you’ve authorized it in writing.

Sometimes, the investigation uncovers information that can help in debt collection efforts. Even if you opt against going to court, the account will go back into the collections queue, and you can use any information gathered from the legal investigation to assist in any way.

It’s possible that the debtor may be held financially responsible for legal fees, leaving the rest for you. Fortune 100 companies may have lawyers or even a team of lawyers on retainer. Still, our approach can obtain important information used outside the legal process, and we’re always here if you need it.

F100 companies come from many different sectors, each with its own character and quirks. Whether you’re an international conglomerate or a mom-and-pop shop, managing debt as a business owner is challenging and debilitating. If you need help with debt collections, call Summit A*R today.