When you’re trying to keep a business running after a pandemic – not to mention the pressures of inflation – the last thing you should worry about is chasing down payments owed to your company. Unfortunately, today’s economic pressures aren’t only felt by one or two individuals or even businesses; they are hitting everyone.

Consequently, a situation occasionally arises when your customers can’t pay debts owed to you. No matter what the circumstance of this scenario, there’s no situation wherein you can let the income you’ve earned by providing goods or services go uncollected. As such, you need to contact a collection services specialist from our team at Summit A•R to help you recover your money fast.

The Benefit of the Doubt

We all know that there are people out there who want to take advantage of your business, but that doesn’t mean that you should assume the worst of everyone who can’t pay their bills. In every case of a financial dispute with one of your clients or customers, it will always remain in your best interest as a business owner to give that person the benefit of the doubt.

Our P.H.D. Philosophy

One of the most common debt questions that we get is whether our company engages in unethical debt collection practices at any point: the answer is always an emphatic no.

At Summit A•R, we are dedicated to upholding a P.H.D. philosophy in all conduct towards our clients and their delinquent debtors. In this case, the P.H.D. stands for Preserve Human Dignity, which means that our team maintains a mandate to Preserve Human Dignity in all cases.

We stand by a strict mandate of ethical conduct that includes respect for all people involved in a case of unpaid debt. Part of the reason for this is that all people deserve to be treated well, no matter the situation. Another reason is that ethical conduct is beneficial to debt collection strategies since friendly debt collectors help encourage the debtor to cooperate.

Gaining Financial Relief 

When you’re setting up a successful business, it is vital to stay in the black. You don’t want to go into the red at all costs, right? While this is partly true, it doesn’t mean you should avoid offering credit and taking loans.

While these terms aren’t exactly synonymous with being in debt, people often confuse the two issues. But the proper use of credit can be vital to a growing business – especially when you have help managing it. 

What Does it Mean to Go into the Red?

Staying in the black and going into the red are old business terms from the days of early accounting, in which pens with black and red ink would be used to indicate gains and losses, respectively. If a company were making negative earnings, it would be marked with red – which is where you don’t want your company, or those your partner with, to be.

The fact is that whether you or your business partners go in the red for too long, it can impact your company negatively. If you can’t recover your lost income from another business because they are unable or unwilling to pay, then soon enough, you’ll be the one unable to pay the debts you owe to others. If you’re dealing with debt as a business owner, the best way to address it is to partner with a debt recovery specialist to help you recover your lost income. If you’re having trouble paying debts of your own, the return of your earnings will allow you to pay off what you owe.

Debt Problems Will Steal Time from You

Running a business isn’t easy. Distractions are endless, and so are your responsibilities. One of the most detrimental aspects of losing income due to debtors is the lost time you’ll devote to the problem. On the one hand, knowing that you’ve missed out on income that you’ve invested in earning can cause you a great deal of emotional and psychological strife, which makes it difficult to focus on your job.

On the other hand, if you’re fixated on spending all of your time trying to get in contact with a debtor and trying to convince them to pay the money they owe you, you will most likely be wasting an enormous amount of time which could be better spent.

Find More Time to Run Your Business

The moment you partner with our consumer collections team is when you’ll be through with wasting time. You’ll also be able to stop worrying about whether you’ve taken the right course of action to steer your company in the right direction because you’ll have the assurance that professionals are handling the problem.

This assistance will allow you to return to running your company.

Keep Up to Date with Your Case

Just because you have the option of leaving your debt collection need in the hands of experts to ensure a positive outcome doesn’t mean that you have to. When you work with Summit A•R, you’ll be able to access all the information you need about your case and its progress at every step. This way, you’ll be able to keep track of the debt collection for your small business with ease.

If you aren’t convinced by the initial stages of your debt recovery process, paying a watchful eye on the status of your case will be your ticket to emotional and psychological relief. You can start getting back to work worry-free when you partner with our debt recovery experts.

Contact our team to learn more about your one-step solution to dealing with debt as a business owner.