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Companies work very hard to develop and retain positive working relationships and a good reputation. Whether it’s the public-facing brand or their private one-on-one relationships with vendors, clients, and customers, they need to be seen as reputable, professional, and pleasant to work with.

Business leaders need to keep up healthy relationships as a bridge to reach out to partners and clients. Sometimes, money can sour or damage these relationships, even if it is rightfully owed to someone else. This puts companies in a tricky position: collecting debts and maintaining relationships are both absolute essentials, but doing both simultaneously can be a tough tightrope act.

Please read on about how Summit A*R takes these concerns off your plate by smoothly recovering the money that’s owed to you.

Neutral Third-Party

No matter how kindly you ask, asking someone for money is liable to impact their feelings about you. If they had the money ready and just forgot to send it, maybe they need a nudge. But perhaps they spent what they owe somewhere else and feel embarrassed it’s not ready.

Anyone who owes money has made a mistake and may experience a range of feelings from sheepishness and embarrassment to something more problematic. What if they can’t manage to make the repayment?

Having a neutral third-party you can call on to do the asking for you lets them save face, as it keeps some comfortable distance between you. Owing money is not just a financial obligation — it can come with negative emotions. It’s easier to come back and do business again when a collection company allows for a buffer or more space between parties.

P.H.D. is Everything

Debt collection has a reputation for using harsh or aggressive tactics to recoup money. Many debt collectors do use methods that are quite hostile, like contacting third parties to put pressure on a debtor, like robocalls. We’ll never leave multiple, annoying messages on people’s answering machines. These approaches irritate people and don’t lead to optimal results.

Summit A*R is an ethical debt collector that believes in a P.H.D. approach, which stands for preserve human dignity. Many debt collectors are cold, faceless organizations that don’t treat people with respect. They don’t always treat the rules and regulations with respect, either.

We choose clients who align with our approach to preserve human dignity and believe in treating people right. Large and small clients who want their debts collected differently trust us to get it done, and we deliver.

Summit A*R is proud to nearly double the industry’s standard rate of recovery. We get more of your money without being rude or hostile to anybody. You don’t need to choose between getting your money back and showing respect for your clients — you can keep a positive relationship with clients while enjoying the best of both worlds.

Transparent Reports

To succeed in business, it helps to have a few things: money in your accounts, positive business relationships, and the latest status updates about issues that touch on both these things. If the money owed isn’t in your account, how close is it to getting there? The answer to this question will impact your financial planning and how you and your clients get along.

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Our client portal is secure for clients to place new accounts, view summaries of placements, monthly reports, and remittance reports, report direct payments received in the office or other pertinent information, and more. Our clients need effective debt collection strategies and constant updates about the collection’s progress to stay effortlessly in the know.

You can be collegial and jocular with clients, but relationships won’t be truly positive if there’s money missing from their accounts. Comprehensive reports you can access easily and constantly let you know when the money is there and when it needs to be.

Solid relationships need solid foundations. There’s a difference between forcing a smile on your face when dealing with a debtor and genuinely smiling, and tracking your money lets you know how to really feel.

Medical Collections

Some industries have different cultures making debt collections more sensitive. It’s really important for doctors to maintain patient relationships, so medical collections can be trickier than standard commercial ones.

Doctors should be able to put their focus on their patients, not managing their receivables. Keep cash flow healthy by outsourcing collections to specialists who get better results sooner and comply with all regulations and laws.

Our diplomatic approach to medical collections has proven to get better results than the more aggressive options out there. Keep patients and your ledgers happy and healthy. Our practices are 100% compliant with HIPAA, and we’re proud to have a no-complaint policy that led to our A+ rating from the BBB.

Our medical debt collectors are friendly and have lots of experience working in this specific industry. However, we also offer specialized collections in other industries, such as veterinary collections, commercial tenant collections, education and tuition collections, and more.

In all these sectors, business leaders need to plan for what’s ahead, which can be difficult when people are behind in their payments. Outsourcing collections frees up your company’s time. Even if you have an HR team that you put on the task, we’ll get better results and keep relationships between all parties effortlessly amicable.

Navigating financial issues with tact can be challenging and draining for both sides, even when done right. Perhaps your relationships aren’t frayed when the accounts are finally full. Still, you’ll get better results that leave everyone happier when you leave it to the professionals.

Summit A*R is proud to do things differently and help our clients by maximizing their debt collection and relieving them of the need to do it themselves. We always remember that people on both sides of the issue deserve respect and kindness, and we always lead with that in mind. If you have any common debt collection questions you want to be answered or want to hire us for the job, don’t hesitate to contact Summit A*R today.