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You might think that it’s hard to make suggestions to the people running the country’s most successful businesses. After all, they’re thriving in an ultra-competitive atmosphere, so they’re clearly OK on their own.

However, the most successful businesses sometimes reach the top because they know when to listen to experts in other fields. Fortune 100 companies do many things right, but they don’t do them on their own.

We wouldn’t presume to lecture a technology company on their next product line or tell a natural extraction corporation which projects to pursue. When it comes to collecting debts, they listen to us. Please read on to learn why.

Private Investigator Makes All the Difference

Summit Account Resolution is proud to be one of the only professional debt recovery companies in the US with its own fully licensed private investigator in-house running our skip tracing department. When F100 companies are owed money by a person or company reluctant to pay, we can find them quickly, even if they relocate or change their names.

Our investigator has access to resources that skip tracing departments relying on free tools don’t have. They’re experienced in these matters, and once they’ve located the debtor and their assets, they know which buttons to push to make payments forthcoming.

Usually, all they need to do is make timely reports to all the major credit bureaus. Once a debtor realizes how difficult and expensive it’ll be to obtain a loan in the future, they usually pay up right away because they realize it actually saves them money.

When experienced, certified investigators offer skip tracing solutions other companies can’t deliver, it’s a real game changer.

Summit Account Resolution gives F100 companies predictability and reliability by helping to ensure the money they need is in their possession. Plus, our secure, internal portal lets you monitor the progress of any accounts or submit new ones for collection, so you can monitor the investigator’s progress in real-time.

Reputations Intact

Every F100 company has a considerable marketing budget. They invest loads of money, time, and energy into building their brand and developing a reputation. Companies understand that consumers make purchases from a business based on almost a personal liking for the business. Sales depend on them liking the business as much as the products they create.

In other words, dominant companies have a lot riding on their reputation because when you’re at the very top of a sector, there’s a long way to fall. F100 companies can’t afford debt collection practices that could potentially alienate and push customers away.

Sadly, many professional debt collectors resort to ugly, hostile tactics that do just that, such as late-night calls, robocalls, threatening language, and other underhanded methods. F100 companies don’t have the capacity to treat every consumer individually with the positivity they deserve because they need to scale up sales, and dealing with potentially thousands of people one at a time is too time-consuming.

Summit Account Resolution is proud to have a PHD strategy — Preserve Human Dignity. When collecting debts, we will never do anything that would reflect badly on you as a company or undermine your marketing efforts.

If you wouldn’t publicize a debt collection tactic because you think there’d be a public backlash, we wouldn’t do it! Our debt collection specialists are trained negotiators who view their job as helping two sides find the best way forward.

We don’t judge debtors or view them as scofflaws withholding money. They may have a very good reason for not being able to make a payment. We always take a friendly attitude to help them make payments so companies can focus on what they do best.

Employee Drain

The country’s largest companies all have many employees, and salaries and wages are among their largest expenses. Of course, workers earn their salaries and deserve fair pay. However, sometimes, employees receive more compensation than they’re legally entitled to, and Summit Account Resolution puts a stop to that.

Technical glitches have caused accidental overpayments, which can be tricky to claw back. Workers did nothing wrong, and may not be overly excited to repay the money. Having a debt collection team for businesses willing to do the dirty work for you makes it easier for managers and executives to maintain morale in their teams.

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Leading companies usually offer some form of job training or ongoing education, but usually conditions must be met first. If an employee takes the paid training but then abruptly quits, that is usually a breach of the conditions because businesses don’t want to invest in people who don’t work there. The ex-employee may even use the training they paid for to help a rival company!

Business expenses can also be tricky. Sometimes, an employee genuinely misunderstands the process and accidentally charges a personal expense to the company. Maybe they tried to exploit the corporate policy on purpose.

Either way, F100 companies can’t afford to let any money slip through these cracks because they have many people on their payroll, so it’d be an awfully big crack!


F100 companies are large, complicated operations that resist easy generalizations about industry trends. In other words, each one is unique.

Summit Account Resolution offers a consulting service where we connect with the people overseeing your internal debt collection processes and offer recommendations for improvements. We’ll show you the ways to tighten up your ship and bolster the foundations.

We’re happy to take it over entirely, but if you insist on keeping debt collection in-house but want to optimize it first, we’re experienced in that, too. Summit Account Resolution is happy to provide whatever level of support you need.

As one of the top debt collection services in the US, we’re proud to help companies of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 100 companies the country relies on. If you’re looking for specialized debt collection teams for F100 companies, connect with Summit Account Resolution today.