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We all live in a world of dazzling, rapidly developing technology, but tech leaders live at the frontlines of the change. They dreamed up months or years ago the impressive devices and software we use today, and they’re no doubt currently working on what we’ll all have tomorrow.

It makes sense for digital leaders to expect the rest of their business models to move at the same speed as technology develops. Anything that lags behind slows them down, and a reduced pace threatens competition.

If anybody should understand the value of a streamlined, efficient debt collection system that keeps money where it belongs without upsetting the business model’s other aspects, it’s tech leaders. Many companies from different sectors are adopting a Software as a Service (SaaS) approach, from entertainment streaming platforms like Netflix to word processors like Microsoft. Now, customers can access their products via monthly subscription instead of buying and installing them outright.

It’s a computing approach to licensing software that’s growing. If you are running a Software-as-a-Service (Saas) business, your debt collection should be just as simplified. Please read on to learn how Summit AR can tackle this for you.

PHD Approach Helps Retain Customers

Anybody running an SaaS business understands the value of reducing their churn rate. Successful SaaS companies lock in customers and keep them there long-term. Their customers should be satisfied, but the fewer interactions there are with the company, the better.

The business model operates best when happy customers keep paying their monthly bills without any time-consuming exchanges with the company. What happens when a customer doesn’t pay?

The SaaS company can try its own debt collection methods, which it isn’t really built for. Tech companies tend to be lean and plucky. While personnel can wear many hats and fulfill functions outside their ordinary job description, they aren’t trained to collect debts.

SaaS companies depend on seamlessness, and even if they could collect the debts effectively themselves, it takes attention and focus away from where it’s more badly needed. Summit AR solves your debt collection problems while making it easy to maintain relationships with clients or B2B partners afterward.

They may not be public-facing, but every exchange we have with debtors will reflect well on you as a company and a brand. We never use robocalls, late-night calls, or aggressive or harsh language. We understand that while debt looks like just another number in an Excel spreadsheet, when we call the debtor to recoup it, there’s always a human being at the other end of the phone.

Treating them with respect and tact isn’t only more humane. It also yields better results, so let us  improve your debt recovery strategy while keeping your hard-earned reputation intact. SaaS companies seek to reduce the number of personal exchanges they have with customers by design, so it’s extra crucial for them to avoid alienating them in the few interactions they do have.

More Money Sooner

Summit AR doesn’t just recoup nearly double the industry average by approaching exchanges with positivity. We also have game-changing resources other professional debt collection agencies don’t have.

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We’re one of the only debt recovery professionals with a skip tracing department run by a fully licensed private investigator. It doesn’t matter how determined a debtor is to run away from their payments. They can change their business name and location, and we’ll still track them down and press the right buttons to make payments in the future.

We are proud to have good relations with all the credit reporting bureaus in the country, and we report any outstanding debt to them in a timely manner. In our decades of experience, we’ve seen that debtors are more motivated to pay when non-payment makes it harder and more expensive for them to secure future loans.

SaaS companies running their business properly shouldn’t have to worry about delinquent payments. They are legally and ethically in the right. We know which levers to pull, as our approach to credit bureau reporting gets things done. When they finally make the payments, you’ll be on positive terms and ready to continue doing business for years to come.

Digital Window into Collections

It makes sense for modern, digital-forward innovators like SaaS companies to expect a digital window into their debt collections. Summit AR provides secure 24/7 access to our comprehensive portal that lets companies of all sizes view the status of their accounts, place new accounts for collection, download custom reports, and more.

An SaaS debt collection service should be modern and digital so it keeps companies connected and informed. 

Pre-Collection Services

SaaS companies looking to be a step ahead may want to offload any debt collection tasks to professionals so they can focus on what they do best instead. Summit AR can take on any aspect of in-house collections you need a boost in or take it over entirely.

Most tech companies hoping to scale-up are looking to reduce connecting one-on-one with customers. They don’t need to be saddled with tasks like customer billing, telephone follow-ups, insurance follow-ups, or explaining to a customer why and how their balance is owed.

If you’re curious about how we can solve these problems, call us at (888) 222-0793. We can design a program to give your staff a boost and help you collect new revenue. Every tech and SaaS company is different, but the general tendency towards streamlining services makes this one extremely useful. SaaS companies get paid in slow drips over time rather than one big payday per customer, but that’s only true if the money is in your accounts, where it should be. If it isn’t, call us.

Digital innovation is changing how billions of people live, and SaaS companies are often the ones leading the way. However, debt collection is still about connecting with people, be it the debtors themselves, the credit reporting bureaus, and others. If you’re an SaaS company looking to be lean and focused on the core of your business instead of consumer collection solutions, let Summit AR handle it for you.