Businesses That Can Benefit from Medical Collections

Medical professionals and those with other roles in the health care industry tend to be highly trained specialists who work long hours to ensure people get the care they need. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the heavy workload and the high levels of stress on medical professionals have only intensified.

A doctor’s ability to balance their time and a hospital’s ability to manage its staff can often amount to matters of life and death. Anyone working in an environment where the pressures are this high shouldn’t have to worry about more tangential matters like ensuring that money keeps flowing in to support a business and balance the books – but the reality is that health care cannot happen without income.

This is why it has been imperative that health care professionals and medical organizations continue collecting medical debt during the COVID-19 crisis so that they can continue to treat patients in dire need despite the most critical of circumstances.

The Role of Medical Collections

At Summit A*R, we understand that every minute is precious to those trained in health care and working on the front lines of fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. No one working to treat patients in need should have to sacrifice their time worrying about whether their salary will be there the next day or that the organizations they work for will continue to receive the funds they require to function.

That’s precisely why businesses like Summit A*R exist – to allow professionals in industries like health and medicine to continue their work free from distraction. You can rest assured that if a medical bill goes to collections due to late payment, our team will be there to take over every aspect of the issue until it is resolved.

For any business owner or manager, time is precious. However, healthcare workers are in the business of helping other people stay well, which only increases the need to avoid distractions like missing income. That’s where collections services like Summit A*R can prove essential.

Maintaining Relationships

You may have the mistaken impression that debt collection services require intimidation tactics to get the job done, but that idea couldn’t be further from the truth in today’s industry. At Summit A*R, we follow a P.H.D. Philosophy (Preserving Human Dignity) because we know how meaningful your relationship with your patients is to you.

Our team is highly trained in debt resolution without conflict or unethical tactics. That’s how we ensure that debt resolution is achieved through sensitivity and respect so that you don’t lose a patient over a single bill.

Here are a few examples of the kinds of medical businesses that often employ our services:

Dental Offices

Many kinds of costs are involved in keeping a dental practice running, including:

  • Paying salaries to dental care providers and administrative staff
  • Purchasing and maintaining specialty dentistry equipment
  • Ongoing purchasing of supplies
  • Expenses related to occupying commercial space

There is often a fine line between meeting these expenses and maintaining a balanced budget for a private clinic or small operation. Not only is it vital that patients pay their fees so that such businesses can meet their expenses, but it is imperative that the relationships between patients and their dental care providers not be harmed in the process of collecting on those accounts.  

At Summit A*R, we appreciate the need to maintain patient relationships in the process of resolving overdue invoices. Our mandate of positive interactions with patients comes into play at every stage of debt collection for dental practices or any other kind of service we offer.


It’s easy to think of a hospital as nothing more than a place where sick or injured people go to get treated, but it takes a solid economic plan to provide any medical care. Running a large hospital requires an intense proficiency in accounting and organization. Within that complicated mix, even the most experienced bookkeepers can lose track of overdue payments.

When this occurs, it isn’t the job of doctors or nurses – or even administration staff – to track down delinquent bill payments, and that’s where medical collections can prove to be a lifesaver. Collection services can take over an account for a hospital to cause as little interruption to its normal functioning as possible.  

Respite Care Providers

The term respite care refers to a situation when care is paid for to provide caregivers with rest. A dependent in this situation is usually someone who require a high level of attention and has special needs, such as a person living with disabilities or an elderly person.

Sometimes this occurs because the caregiver needs a break from the constant need to attend to someone that requires a high level of attention. At other times caregivers do not seek help until the need for respite care escalates into an emergency.

While respite is sometimes fully or partially funded by outside sources like government or non-government organizations (NGOs), there are also situations wherein caregivers do not qualify for such funding and must pay from their savings. When these bills go into delinquency, it may prevent respite workers from being able to provide for other caregivers who are in emergency situations.

Veterinary Clinics

Running a care business isn’t always about human animals – we all care about our pets and farm animals as well. As in the case of regular medical clinics, veterinary care providers need to create income to continue providing necessary treatment to animals. When people skip out on bill payments to vets, it could end up jeopardizing the survival of even the best animal hospitals in your area.

Small veterinary clinics have struggled during the COVID-19 pandemic, given shutdowns, quarantines and a general avoidance of care outside of emergencies. For a clinic struggling to make bill payments, partnering with a veterinary collections agency can mean the difference between staying in operation and closing down.

At Summit A*R, our commitment to resolving overdue accounts with care allows health care workers to continue to do the vital work they do without getting distracted by delinquent accounts or any other type of missing income.

Whether you run a small private clinic or a large medical health treatment center, you can count on our team to get the cash flowing. Please get in touch with us to learn more or to try out our services.