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Is there a better time for a fresh start than the beginning of another year? Worldwide, all kinds of people take the occasion to launch resolutions, commitments to better themselves and improve their lives.

It’s a fitting time for companies to look at the health of their books and get out of the red and into the black. There’s no one universal approach to reducing bad debts across sectors. Indeed, every business is different, let alone every industry. They’re structured differently because their objectives aren’t the same.Summit A*R can help you start the New Year with less outstanding debt in many ways. Here’s how.

Better Skip Tracing

If collecting on bad debts was as easy as asking for the money, they wouldn’t be so outstanding. However, sometimes, people who owe money don’t pay up immediately. Some even avoid trying to be found and go to some lengths to hide their assets.Our comprehensive skip tracing department can get your customers to pay because we’re one of the only companies in the country with a slip tracing department featuring its own private investigator. We can locate your debtors and their assets in much less time, and report to all the major credit bureaus to get customers to pay what’s owed. Save money by allowing your HR personnel to work where they’re most effective — working with core employees to facilitate company policy. Most HR departments with skip tracing downloaded to them struggle to succeed in something they weren’t really built for. Our skip tracing department is a difference-maker. Companies that work with us can access the services of our private investigator at no extra cost.

PHD Philosophy

Summit A*R is proud of our PHD philosophy, Preserve Human Dignity. Sometimes, fairly or unfairly, the debt collection industry isn’t painted as being very compassionate. Hollywood movies portray it as tough and aggressive. In real life, some companies do in fact use aggressive tactics, like robocalls, threats over the phone, and more. Summit A*R offers ways to improve cash flow without ever being unprofessional towards clients and customers. This is vital, as businesses face a tough tightrope walk when asking people for money. On the one hand, they need the money to pay employees and keep the lights on. On the other hand, asking for people to pay up can sour them on you and damage the relationship, even, or perhaps especially, if they really do owe the money. Nobody wants to feel like they’re a delinquent. Having a professional debt collector take this challenge off your hands solves two problems, not just one. You’ll get your money back and won’t have to damage important business relationships to get it.

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Everybody deserves to be treated kindly, with understanding and dignity. Plus, you’ll be glad to know there’s no conflict between showing people respect and collecting their debts. Indeed, we almost double the national average in debt collection while managing to conduct ourselves professionally the entire time.


What’s the only thing better than successfully collecting an outstanding debt? Preventing one from occurring in the first place. If there’s a better approach to debt collection you could be taking, Summit A*R’s consulting services will find it for you.

We’ll help your business prevent debt collection disputes from arising in the first place, saving you time-consuming headaches. Streamline your business and spend your energy where it’s most effective instead of reacting to clean up problems after they occur.

Collecting the money owed from a debt is like being handed a fish, whereas improving your debt collection strategy is more akin to teaching you how to cast a reel, so you can catch them yourself.

Tailored Services

Companies are unique, and so are the services they require to do business. If you don’t see the services your business requires listed on our website, contact us! We’re happy to tailor a custom collections program to fit your needs.

Summit Account A*R has operated since 1996, handling some of the most difficult to collection cases.

Full-Service Litigation

Sometimes, the legal route to collect a debt is the only option left. We handle the vast majority of collections, but when we’ve tried everything, and there are no more options left, we still have a trick up our sleeve.

Summit A*R’s litigation program handles all litigation claims in a firm but compassionate manner. First, a licensed private investigator completes a thorough financial investigation on the debtor to assess the best approach in the next steps.

If there’s a bankruptcy or insolvency, they may do more due diligence to get a better idea of the path ahead. Such an approach ensures that you won’t take legal action unless the recovery rate is highly probable.

If the investigation determines the chances of recovery are low, no further steps will be taken, and you won’t pay anything for the work already put in. Instead, the accounts will be returned to the collection queue and reserved for future collection efforts, even if it turns up information that could help with pre-litigation collection efforts.

In either case, we’ll never pursue litigation without your informed approval. We put all the information in front of you, make some recommendations based on them, and let you fully control the process. 

Specialized Cases

Collecting debts is more difficult in some industries than others. They each have their nuances and particularities. Summit Account A*R is experienced in many sectors known for being challenging, such as medical collections, dental collections, and others.

Use our secure and transparent portal to track the status of your debt and see how much money we’re putting back into your accounts in real time.

The New Year is the perfect opportunity to hire a collection agency, shake yourself out of old habits, and start doing things a little differently and better. If you have old debts languishing on your books, get rid of them heading into 2024 by calling Summit A*R today.