No matter what industry you may be involved in, accounts need to be settled. Whether you are a small business that offers credit or a major hospital, the goal is always to get your accounts receivable switched to the received column. Many companies ask the same question: When should I call a commercial collection agency?

As soon as possible is the correct answer. If a client does not respond to your first two correspondences, it is definitely time to collect. The reason for this seemingly hurried reaction is simple. Every day that passes past the second notice often means the likelihood of your company receiving their money lessens greatly. Once it becomes obvious that the client is making no attempt to fulfill their debt it is time to call a commercial collection agency. In fact, “debt collection professionals commonly request accounts to be placed within 90 days of service so as to ensure the highest likelihood of collection.”

Our agents here at Summit Account Resolution (Summit A*R) have a wide range of tools at their disposal to assist in the recovery of promised debt, and you can stop by to learn more about our company. Within 24 hours we will begin a heavy calling campaign to contact the persons in debt. If the contact information is not accurate, our agents have licensed private investigators at our disposal. This allows us to access to what is known as “skip tracing”. The investigator tracks down the proper contact information and we then proceed with the calling campaign.

Our goal is to get your promised money as soon as possible; sometimes, however, it is necessary to go to court. In these instances, our commercial collection agency provides the appropriate information for the litigation process. Whether your business is a large corporation or a small business, we take great pride in recovering your money.

Each collection agency that provides commercial services knows exactly what your bottom line means to you. Within this extremely competitive industry, time and your bottom line are all that matters, and please visit for more information on our commercial collection services. To ensure the greatest chances of a full and speedy recovery of your funds, it is imperative that you contact our agency immediately. This not only allows the best opportunity for retrieval; it also allows your personnel to concentrate on your quality customers and their satisfaction. When you work with our debt collection agency, there is no need to allocate your company staff for collection purpose as this is not the core of your business operations. When you outsource your collection to a professional debt collection agency, the job will be done faster and more efficiently. Don’t let your unpaid debts mount! Contact us today and get what is rightfully owed to you.