The process used to recover debt by a commercial collection agency can be a rather complex process. Our team here at Summit Account Resolution (Summit A*R) offers an array of professional services to recover overdue and outstanding debts owed to you. If you have ever conducted the unfortunate task of debt collection alone then you know just how stressful and time consuming it often is. Many who embark on this daunting task themselves typically end up discouraged and frustrated after realizing the amount of time and effort it really is for a non-experienced individual to handle. That’s where we can help. Studies have shown that clients achieve faster and more satisfactory results when employing the services of a collection agency rather than trying to conduct debt collection and recovery without professional assistance. In fact statistics show early intervention by professionally licensed and bonded collection agency services like us yield a high percentage of debt recovery for the client. According to Profit Guide, “The reality that a debt has been turned over for collection may jolt the deadbeat into paying. But more often than not…it’s learning about the repercussions of non-payment from a collection agent that does the job”.

At times it can be difficult to locate individuals for collection efforts. Life is constantly changing and people move on in life, sometimes to new locations or even different areas of the country. This is where debt collection can become quite complicated. Unfortunately it can quickly become more costly to execute the needed tasks to collect these debts than the amount of money the debts total themselves. We offer professional debt collection services allowing you to avoid all the hurdles associated with trying to complete the job yourself. Utilizing the services of an experienced collection agency allows you to avoid many of the hurdles and roadblocks for the average person when trying to collect outstanding debts. With the inside experience and resources available to many of today’s collection agencies, fast and inexpensive results can often be achieved for the client. Our agents here at Summit Account Resolution (Summit A*R) successfully use the latest technology to track down even those hard to find individuals. We work together with investigators to get the needed results in a professional and timely manner. Our agents work to maintain good customer relations whenever possible, while continuing to make the recovery of all debts for the client the priority.

Trying to handle unpaid accounts while trying to manage a business or property can often interfere with the quality and service you provide. Our efforts as an agency permit the business owner or professional to continue focusing on what they do best by providing the products or services to their customers without being distracted with the stress of trying to collect outstanding debts for their business. Our trained staff of experts possesses the knowledge and resources to get the results you expect from a commercial collection agency, making us a wise choice toward getting the task of collecting your lost revenue completed professionally and in a timely manner. Stop by for more information or get in touch with us today and get started on your path to debt recovery!