Outsource your receivables now before they become collection accounts!

You might already know you can send your current accounts to a collection agency before they are past-due. Did you know that doing so can actually pay for itself?

Outsourcing your current receivables is no longer a scary thing. Collection agencies worth their salt understand how to operate within the boundaries of first party collections. They can act seamlessly as if your office is contacting your patient/customer. Dedicated phone lines, telephony, letterhead and other tools allow collection agencies to appear as creditors and do so within the constructs of the law.

Imagine being able to simply upload all your patient accounts into one portal and letting the agency take it from there! Once the proper time has elapsed, the collection agency can simply transfer the accounts to their traditional staff for regular collection efforts.

Considering the lower cost, the simplicity, the comfort and the economic common sense it makes can you think of some other benefits your practice/facility would enjoy from using a pre collect agency?

Brent I. Anderson
P.C.S. / Director of Business Development
Summit A•R