Our Lease and Finance specialists understand the complex nature of specialty finance products. We routinely unravel disputes and issues regarding residual values, alleged misrepresentation, personal guarantees and other situations that can cause non-payment by a borrower and then we get our clients paid.

Our licensed private investigators perform the due diligence that helps us establish the current financial condition of the obligor to chart the proper course of action in these cases. During this process, personal guarantees and other potential methods to collect are uncovered. This due diligence pays off in higher liquidation rates and more revenue returned to our commercial lease and finance clients.

Let’s face it: Unpaid leases and deficiency balances are hard to collect. Our experienced lease collection speacialists make the entire process easier and more profitable for your organization. In fact, often times during our resolution process we help the obligor find money they didn’t know they had and guide them to repay the lender without delay.We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results, our other clients will tell you they were.