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Lease Collections Solutions

Don't let your accounts receivable hold back your business.

Summit A•R represents commercial leasing and finance companies on a national level. We’re staffed with seasoned professionals who specialize exclusively in leasing and understand all of the detailed aspects of the leasing industry such as residual values, monthly rentals, buyout options and personal or corporate guarantees. Most importantly, Summit A•R understands how to effectively collect on lease deficiency balances.

Successful collection of lease-related debt requires specialization and knowledge in the industry. Summit A•R’s Commercial Lease Department is managed by an expert in the leasing industry. She has over a decade of leasing experience and her qualifications include managing all of the charged-off debt for a major national bank’s commercial leasing division. To back her up, Summit AR’s licensed collection professionals have extensive experience in the leasing industry and, therefore, understand what it takes to collect on commercial lease obligations.

Summit A•R maximizes recovery success by working closely with each client to ensure an effective, tailored recovery plan.