Many people have small, home based businesses or operate small scale operations. Some of these types of businesses include those that make and sell goods, landscaping firms that are owner operated, in home hair salons, freelance writers or artists and even handymen who perform side jobs as a form of income. These are all types of businesses that could benefit from contacting a professional commercial collection agency, and here at Summit Account Resolution (Summit A*R) we help businesses of all sizes get the money they deserve.

There is a misconception among smaller business owners that a commercial collection agency is only a viable solution when there are countless accounts past due and the amounts involve large sums of money or the business itself is large enough to warrant the help of an outside professional collection firm. This is simply not the case as there are thousands of reasons and scenarios where such help is required and helpful. At Summit Account Resolution (Summit A*R) we are your debt collection experts, and whether your questions are big or small, we are happy to answer them.

The fact of the matter is that all businesses, whether small or large, rely on income and payment to keep the business operational. Those business ventures where too many accounts have fallen behind on payment, have gone in to a past due status or have customers that no longer respond to calls, emails or letters are suitable cases to be turned over for collection. Simply put, many times business uphold their end of the deal while their customers and clients do not. When an agreement cannot be reached, it’s within a businesses legal responsibility to collect the money it rightfully deserves.

When professional agents are used for collection purposes you can focus more on your business and leave the time consuming and stressful task of tracking down and securing payment up to us. We have a team of expert collectors with the experience to get you results, without taking up your time and leaving you frustrated. There are professional, legal tactics that are implemented and we always keep your business morals in mind when working for you. No matter what industry your business is in, contact us today to get the debt recovery process started.