Today a letter landed on my desk… Though they amount to a small number, I must admit the majority of letters that land on my desk are negative in general. They typically involve a dispute of a debt we are attempting to collect. They may have an issue with the service they received or with the product they purchased etc. Some are concerned that the debt is reporting on their credit report as a collection item. After all, this is one tool a collection agency uses to collect. I was very pleasantly surprised to see that this letter was very different. It was a handwritten letter along with a money order that specifically thanked our debt collection specialist that was handling the account. Here’s a quote “thank you very much for being so nice, friendly, helpful AND professional at all times” it went on to say “we definitely appreciated it”. I get a handful of these per year and I’m so proud each time we get one. It means the methods we preach coupled with our philosophy of “collecting debt with compassion and dignity” is not just an empty slogan.

Too often, you just hear all the “negative press” on what collection agencies do wrong. Bottom line, we have a difficult thankless job and frankly most people do not look favorably at us. I’m proud of how we do our job every day along with the other majority of reputable collection agencies that do their jobs.

By the way, great job Pat (the collector assigned to the account)… keep up the great work!

Tim Turner