In a recent article, US News reported that the graduating college class of 2012 will finish school with an average of $45,000 in student loan debt. Just as students are provided with loans for their education, loans are also given in exchange for business goods and services. The ability to properly run a business becomes quite difficult when the liquid cash flow reserves of the business are drained due to clients not paying what they owe on time. Have you ever considered the amount of time that is spent working collections for your office? Because of credit, most bills are not paid entirely at the time of service. Consequently, your office may not be paid for 30, 60, 90 days, or more. Every day that a debt is left uncollected is additional money lost by the business. A commercial collection agency such as ours at Summit Account Resolution (Summit A*R) can more efficiently return funds to your office and rejuvenate your budget.

No business can survive in the current market landscape with mounting unpaid debts. Actually, no business will be able to survive in any market when taking fiscal management risks. Rather than fumble and stumble in such a way, it would be a far better plan to contact our business debt collections company at Summit Account Resolution (Summit A*R) to do what is required to bring all past due accounts current, and you can stop by for more information on our commercial debt collection services.

The managers of a business are always going to be tasked with making the right decisions on a variety of different matters. In some instances, the managers may have to make decisions about outsourcing. Some business owners or managers may try to do everything in-house as a means of cutting or consolidating costs. To a degree, this can be the right approach to take when those individuals who are handling such tasks know what they are doing. However, there are some situations where it is a much better plan to call on other companies to take on necessary responsibilities the business may currently be struggling with. Business debt collections are one of those areas where many companies struggle; not just with knowledge of proper procedure, but also with the time that has to be allocated to the task which can take away from other important business operations.

Certain business owners may try to be accommodating to debtors the point that they end up harming themselves. In short, they do not want to come off as the bad guys in the situation, so they avoid seeming pushy in their attempts to collect money. This is where our team at Summit Account Resolution (Summit A*R) comes into play. We are trained to handle these situations delicately, and if the customer becomes upset, it will be with us and not with your business. This allows you to maintain your business relationships so that you can retain your customers for future business. We will be more than happy to help your business recover the money that is rightfully yours, and we will do so with tact and professionalism. Don’t let your debts slide, call us today or sign in at