Your Business Is Our Specialty

There are over seven thousand to choose from in the United States, and they vary in terms of size, effectiveness, collection strategies, and more. Some only serve large businesses, while others only work with smaller companies.  

At Summit A*R, we have been in the debt collection business for over twenty years and serve a variety of clients of various sizes across many industries. There’s a good chance that we have a service that fits your needs.

Commercial Collections

At Summit A*R, we’re considered commercial debt collection specialists because our team has recovered millions of dollars for businesses from other businesses across many sectors and debt types. In most cases, our recovery rates are twice the industry average.

You can use our business to business collection services to support your in-house commercial debt collection efforts or outsource your aged receivables to us entirely to reduce costs. This is what makes us different from other commercial collection agencies:

  • We don’t use unethical or aggressive collection tactics. We will never threaten or harass your client, nor will be we use robocalls. There are people behind every business and deserve to be treated with respect. Not only is our more measured approach effective, but it helps preserve your business’s reputation.
  • Our staff is trained and licensed with over ten years of experience. Their experience recovering debt across many industries makes them more effective as debt collectors.
  • You can easily track the progress of your account’s recovery through a secure and comprehensive platform on our website. We provide regular reports for your peace of mind. We will also assign a case manager to you to answer any queries.
  • We have a no-complaint policy and try to resolve all issues. This is evidenced by our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). We also have many positive reviews and handwritten testimonials from clients and debtors published on our website.

We also offer full-service litigation to pursue difficult-to-recover accounts with the assistance of a private attorney. First, our licensed private investigator will complete a thorough financial investigation of the entity in debt. If they’re insolvent or have declared bankruptcy, then further due diligence may be required. Our goal is to only pursue legal action when there’s a high probability of recovery.

If we feel that legal action is feasible after performing a cost-benefit analysis, we will present you with this option. Legal action is only taken with your written authorization. You can get in touch today with Summit A*R to learn more about our commercial collection services.

Your business can also take advantage of the many free financial calculators on our website, including the Day Sales Outstanding (DSO), the Accounts Receivable Turnover (ART) calculator, Accounts Receivable Aging (ARA) calculator, and the Days of Inventory on Hand calculator. Your company can use these tools to improve its collection process and accounts receivable turnover ratio.

Consumer Collections

If your business needs to recover revenue from consumers, then you can trust the consumer collection experts at Summit A*R to collect your debt effectively and ethically. We follow our “P.H.D. Philosophy” (Preserve Human Dignity). This means that our team of professionals treat consumers with compassion and respect.

In this digital age where negative news can go viral and cost a company their reputation, stock value, and their business, it doesn’t make sense to use a debt collection agency that harasses, threatens or uses other negative tactics to pressurize customers into clearing their debts. Not only are these methods unethical, but they’re also illegal. Certain actions may also violate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), which is a federal law enforced by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Associating with agencies that break these rules can result in further problems for creditors.

Our P.H.D. Philosophy works. At Summit A*R, we believe that most consumers are good people who want to clear their debts. We help them find a way to pay off what they owe through our skilled negotiation strategy.

Some of the specialized collection services we offer include medical collections, dental collections, commercial tenant collections, self-storage collections, veterinary collections, residential & apartment collections, and wireless chargeback collections for independent cellular dealers. We’re successful across various industries because we realize that the same strategy isn’t as effective in each industry. For example, recovering revenue for a luxury goods business can require a different approach than collecting debt for a business that provides more sensitive services.

Usually, our campaign of official demand letters and phone calls is enough to convince customers to pay what they owe. Many debtors pay their invoices when a reputable collection agency is involved. We also have strategies for more stubborn debts. If a customer simply doesn’t want to pay, then we can report them to the three major credit bureaus. Most consumers don’t want their credit score to be adversely affected and cooperate with us.

If your customer has skipped town and gone into hiding, then we pass the case to our powerful skip tracing department. Because our team is led by a licensed on-staff private investigator and has state-of-the-art resources, we have a higher find rate than many other agencies. For example, while other agencies may rely on free online search engines, we have access to better information.

Even if your debtor has crossed state lines, we can locate them and their assets, turning your bad into collected accounts, returned to your bottom line as revenue. And unlike other agencies, our skip tracing solutions are provided at no additional cost. Our goal is to always serve our clients and do our job, and not nickel and dime you.

We Believe in Transparency

Whether you need our commercial collection services or our consumer collection services, we will always be upfront and honest with you. We work on a contingency basis. We take no money upfront and we don’t demand a certain number of accounts to work for you. We only get paid when we recover your revenue. Businesses of all sizes, from sole proprietorships to large companies can benefit from our services.

After accepting your account, we assign a case manager to you to answer any questions. You can also check the status of your account on our website and get regular updates. Not only are we experienced, professional, effective, and friendly, but we’re honest and have great record recovering commercial and consumer debt. So, don’t waste time, and get in touch with us today.