As the current economic environment slowly improves for businesses and consumers alike, it’s critical to partner with an excellent debt collection agency to recover your revenue. But with so many options, how do you pick the right one? Here are a few things you should look for when hiring a debt collection agency.


Partner with a debt collection agency that offers multiple services to find the type of collection you need for your business. At Summit A*R, we’re known for our consumer and commercial collection services in the debt collection industry. We also serve various companies:

  • Dental Clinics: Recovering your valuable revenue shouldn’t be as painful as pulling teeth. With our dental collection services, you can collect your debts without hurting your reputation.
  • Health Care Facilities: Contrary to popular perception, hospitals and clinics are suffering during the COVID-19 pandemic because of rising expenses, overcrowding, cancelations, and more. You can put a put a stop to late payments when you partner with an ethical debt collection agency like Summit A*R. We give our medical accounts the sensitivity they deserve.
  • Veterinary Companies: A veterinary business has many overheads. Some veterinarians have their own student debts. When customers don’t plan for their pets’ bills, they end up owing money to the clinic. Unfortunately, clinics can’t afford to write off debts. Many of them turn to us for our compassionate yet practical debt collection approach.
  • Landlords: When a tenant doesn’t pay their rent or wants to break their lease prematurely, landlords use our commercial tenant collection services.
  • Self-Storage Businesses: Many self-storage businesses end up chasing delinquent customers who skip town without paying rent. While some leave their goods behind, others disappear with their belongings. Either way, we can find them and their assets with our state-of-the-art skip tracing department, even if they’re in another part of the country.
  • Employers: Some employees take advantage of kind-hearted employers by failing to return overpaid salaries, billing unauthorized expenses, or breaking the terms of their tuition reimbursement. Others won’t cooperate with their employers after a commission has been recalled. Such small business owners can get help from Summit A*R.
  • Independent Cellular Dealers: Like many small businesses, independent cellular dealers are trying to survive. While fighting competition from big carriers, they are challenged by delinquent customers who stop making payments after leasing equipment or abuse chargebacks. Our Services help these businesses recover their revenue.


There are many misconceptions about debt collectors that consumers and businesses have. The biggest misconception is that all collection agencies use unethical and shady tactics. At Summit A*R, we take pride in doing things differently!

At Summit A*R, we adopt a diplomatic approach to collections that we call our “P.H.D. Philosophy” (Preserve Human Dignity). This philosophy ensures that your company is represented with professionalism and integrity at every step of the debt recovery process.

Our highly qualified, experienced, and licensed experts manage accounts with sensitivity and compassion. Here are some key features of our services that help you with consumer collection management for your business.

  • Over 26 years on the front lines of debt collections
  • A long-term staff of trained, licensed collection professionals
  • A skip-tracing department run by a licensed private investigator
  • No robo-calls, threats, or other aggressive tactics
  • Fees you can understand; no minimums or hidden costs
  • Perfect A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau (B.B.B.)
  • Impeccable compliance record with all regulating agencies nationwide

Remember, at Summit A*R, we boast twice the national recovery rate. Our methods work!


You need to use the services of a debt collection agency that boasts a stellar reputation. You can read what businesses, consumers, and even debtors have to say about how Summit A*R handles its business.

Likewise, you must pick a debt collection agency that’s proud of its strong affiliations. The following organizations only associate with the best:

A.C.A. International

Called the American Collection Association when it was founded in 1939, this trade group represents members of the debt collection industry, including agencies, attorneys, creditors, debt buyers, to name a few. In total, this amounts to over 230,000 professionals.

A.C.A. International promotes values such as leadership, integrity, respect, responsibility, and education. Its members pledge to treat every person with individual worth, dignity, respect and to help consumers find ways to pay their just debts in a professional and ethical manner.  We are especially honored to be associated with A.C.A. International because we believe our P.H.D. Philosophy is in line with this code of conduct.

With a reputation for contributing to the success of its members and improving the standing of the credit and collection industry through education, advocacy and services, it’s no wonder that A.C.A. International is known as the industry’s premier trade association.

Better Business Bureau

Ever since it was founded in 1912, the Better Business Bureau (B.B.B.) has developed a stellar reputation for promoting marketplace trust. Boasting over 100 independently incorporated local organizations across North America, this nonprofit works in two ways. The first is by empowering consumers through education. The second is by helping businesses deliver excellent customer service.

The B.B.B. inspires ethical business practices in the industry by steering clear of conflicts of interest. For instance, it remains fiercely independent by not linking with any government organization. It also avoids endorsing commercial interests.

In 2009, the B.B.B. upgraded from its two-scale rating method by developing a more robust system that rates businesses from “F” all the way to “A+.” Companies that maintain the coveted A+ rating with the B.B.B. must carry a minimum of 97 points. They do so by being compliant, keeping the volume of complaints low and addressing any complaints, working with the B.B.B. to resolve any issues, and closely monitoring for any changes to their points.

International Association of Commercial Collectors

The International Association of Commercial Collectors, Inc. is a membership group for an agency like ours. Its mission is to augment the growth of its members by providing industry related resources and education programs, encouraging ethical conduct, creating a healthy environment for collectors and clients alike, and promoting support between affiliates. It also encourages professionalism in the business by highlighting the positives of using the services of a certified member of the IACC.

We are pleased to be a member in good standing with the IACC because of the values they encourage. This includes ethics, education, leadership, and mutual support. Such principles are a cornerstone of the way we do business at Summit A*R.

When hiring a collection agency for your debt collection needs, look for an experienced, ethical, resourceful, and reputable firm that gets the job done and is strengthened by its strong affiliations.