Running a medical practice is a full time job. In fact it involves multiple full time jobs. Doctors and their staff work hard to make sure patients are satisfied with their service, that they are in and out of the office in the most expeditious manner, and that they have the scheduling options that meet their needs. For patients, using your medical facility is about personal connection and convenience. For doctors and staff, this is a business, and as a business, medical practices must produce so they can be paid. If your medical based business is having difficulties collecting unpaid debts, then it’s a good thing you discovered us here at Summit Account Resolution (Summit A*R), one of the most effective medical debt collection agencies in the country.

Many doctors and medical professionals are afraid to collect the money they are legally owed for fear of losing patients, and don’t want to personally have to make that call. Thankfully we are here to take care of such tasks with the upmost respect, always ensuring that we represent your business in a professional and respectful manner. Armed with this understanding a good medical debt collection company such as us here at Summit AR can provide both you and your patient with the peace of mind that things are being handled legally, ethically, and in the best interest of all involved. Most offices won’t realize that they spend at least one full time salary per month in collections, and you don’t need to take time away from trained staff when you employ our help.

In an era where medical costs are heavily scrutinized, why not consider reducing this cost with a medical debt collection agency. We work with you to understand the circumstances of each case, and best of all we can handle commercial collections, consumer collections, and judgment collections in addition to medical collections. When it comes to collecting the money that your company deserves, be sure to contact us too see how we can help!