With recovery rates double the industry standard, and a trailblazing new way of diplomatically collecting debts, our commercial collection service gets a fair amount of attention – for good reason. But just like the tireless business owners and entrepreneurs we’ve worked with, Summit A*R never rested on its laurels; instead, we pushed our own boundaries and expanded into other areas of collection.

Fundamentally, we are dedicated to ensuring that the debtor/creditor relationship remains fair and equitable and that the dignity of both parties is preserved throughout the process. It makes sense, then, that we wouldn’t constrain ourselves to just commercial collection. Wherever there is a debt in need of paying, an account payment outstanding or a hard-to-reach debtor, Summit A*R can help.

In other words, you don’t need to own a B2B business to avail yourself of our spectacular services. You can obviously visit our homepage to learn more but to give you some sense of the breadth of our services, we’ve put together a short guide here.

Consumer Collection

Businesses, on average, have to spend around five times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. Put another way, that means that customer retention is in your business’s best interest.

Collecting payment from customers is tricky. On the one hand, you obviously want what’s owed to you – it keeps cash flow moving healthily and sets an important precedent. But customers aren’t like B2B clients; they are often spoiled for choice and can be alienated much easier. Consumer collection, therefore, requires a gentle touch, one honed over years of experience. Summit A*R has that magic touch and those years of experience as a personal debt collection agency of high regard.

Tenant Collection

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Commercial tenants can’t shunt their falling profit margins onto you, the landlord, by failing to pay rent or breaking their lease. That’s unfair. Their business might not be doing so hot, but it’s no excuse to withhold money from you. Summit A*R helps recover rent money from businesses who fail to pay, while preserving your good reputation.

Don’t wait for tenants to maybe come around and pay you rent. Your payment should not be tethered to the health of their business, but rather on a consistent basis according to the contract both parties signed. If you’re dealing with a struggling tenant, call Summit A*R immediately.

Employee Collection

Employees have the right to quit when they want, but they can’t take your money with them. If you have overpaid an employee’s salary assuming their continued employment; if you have paid for an employee’s tuition assuming continued employment or reimbursement; if you have lent them an expensive uniform or pricey equipment; if the employee has outstanding, unauthorized travel expenses to their name – if an employee has left under any of these circumstances, you have recourse to Summit A*R as a means of recovering lost money.

Dental Collection

The only time a dentist should have to pull teeth is when they are literally pulling teeth. In order to keep the drills buzzing and the fluoride flowing, you need patient collections to run efficiently. At Summit A*R, we understand the minutiae of dental billing, including insurance reimbursement and savings plans, and we also understand the importance of preserving patient relationships.

As a dentist, you are heavily invested in your patients’ smiles. To keep the payments rolling in on time and keep the smiles on your patients’ faces, contact our professional dental collection services.

Veterinary Collection

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Every ounce of your attention – and the attention of your steadfast front desk staff – should be going toward keeping animals happy and healthy. Yet, when pet owners decide not to pay for your hard work, it costs you and your staff countless unnecessary hours of diverted labor.

Your core competency as a vet is helping animals; it’s what you went through veterinary school for. Our core competency, here at Summit A*R, is ensuring that you get paid in full and in a timely fashion. Hire us for any step of the process, from pre-collection to past-due recovery – just give us a call to get started on your account.

Medical Collection

It’s true that some patients really don’t understand their medical bills. It is no excuse for delinquency, but it helps you understand the psychology of a late-payer better. To recover as much as possible of the monies owed to you, Summit A*R takes this understanding approach. Your patients don’t often want to skip payment, but they either lack the funds or understanding to pay on time.

Summit A*R takes a soft but stern approach to medical collection, which has resulted in recovery rates double the national average. We are fully HIPAA-compliant and refuse to use any unethical or aggressive tactics in our medical collection process.

Self-Storage Collection

Self-storage collection poses its own, wholly unique challenges – one of the reasons we excel at it! A common scenario for storage owners is that someone will unload their stuff in one of your units, and then take off without paying their rental fees. The transient nature of these rent-dodgers makes it especially difficult for storage owners to collect.

Our amazing skip-tracing department, however, is up for the challenge. Helmed by a licensed private investigator, with access to vast databases, our skip-tracing department is adept at finding your runaway storage renter.

Cellular Collection

As an independent cell phone dealer or reseller, your inventory is your livelihood, so it’s beyond frustrating when you are hit with chargebacks for early termination fees. The consumer still has an expensive item of inventory, but they aren’t paying for it.

Our collection pros know the cellular business inside and out, and we’ve helps independent dealers recover money and equipment from runaway customers.

Yes, we help a lot of B2B businesses collect late payments and recover debts, but we are also so much more than that. Think of Summit A*R as your one-stop collection solution. Wherever there’s a debt going unpaid, we are there to help!