Wireless Chargeback Collections

Need a hand with cell phone chargebacks?

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Independent cellular dealers have unique challenges. You get squeezed from the carriers on top and you get squeezed by the customer at the bottom. Margins are already razor thin from “big box” retailers and other competitors. Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, you then have to deal with early termination charge-backs.

We understand the challenges you face and provide solutions to return this lost revenue, quickly and cost effectively. Our programs can recover 3-5 times what even the best internal process can recover. Better yet, our seasoned professionals’ knowledge of the cellular industry helps to avoid many disputes that would challenge less experienced collection agents. You shouldn’t have to take a backseat because the carrier charges an early termination fee to the customer. You’ve invested in expensive equipment and the customer ran off with it. It needs to be returned or you deserve to be paid.

  • Secure online portal makes uploading accounts simple and fast
  • Online portal keeps you updated 24/7 on the real-time status of all your accounts
  • Accurate, timely and relevant reporting
  • Proprietary waterfall skip-tracing method – far exceeds the location results of what a traditional collection agency can offer
  • Credit reporting at 45 days
  • Risk-free solutions; no collection, no fee
  • 3 day implementation

Stop the bleeding and recover your lost revenue.