As a small business, it’s important for you to be paid on time, especially if your resources are limited. With your own fixed costs to pay, you can’t afford to be dragged down by outstanding AR or bad debt. At the same time, your business thrives on developing good relationships. You want to recover debt without hurting your reputation or your connections with other businesses.

If you lack an in-house collections department, you may not have the ability to chase delinquent accounts effectively. Here, you may consider partnering with a debt collection agency.

Many small businesses believe that partnering with a collection agency is not feasible. Some are concerned that an aggressive collection agency may adversely affect their standing in the business community. Others find the financial commitments to be impractical.  

At Summit A*R, our small business collection services are a perfect match for any enterprise with these concerns. First, we work on a contingency basis. You do not have to pay anything upfront nor must you guarantee us a certain number of accounts every month. We only get paid after recovery and our fees are transparent.

What’s more, we do our job professionally, diplomatically, and effectively. As a small business you need to focus on running your business. Pursuing delinquent accounts with emails, phone calls, and letters is not only time-consuming, but ineffective from a small business. What’s more, the wrongly worded letter or phone call can decrease the chances of a successful recovery and hurt your credibility.

At Summit A*R we recover debt for a living. We have over 28 years of experience and follow a P.H.D. Philosophy” (Preserve Human Dignity), which means that we treat everyone with dignity and respect. Debtors respond positively to this. Our recovery rate is twice the national average.

We can also recover difficult debt. Unlike your company, we can report a debtor to the three major credit bureaus. After exhausting all options, we can also consider legal action. However, an official demand letter from our collection agency is usually effective at recovering revenue.

If you have credit collection questions we have the answers to help you understand what it’s like to partner with us. On our website, you can find many testimonials from other businesses that are satisfied with our services. We recover debt in multiple industries and have a unique understanding of each one. Here are some types of small businesses that partner with Summit A*R:

1. Veterinary Businesses

Running a veterinary clinic can be challenging. Aside from costs like rent, salaries, utilities, medical equipment, office expenses, maintenance, insurance, medication, subscriptions, food, you may have large student loans to pay. Adding to the frustration are customers who lack pet insurance and are defaulting on their payments to you.

As a small veterinary business, you can effectively recover your revenue through our veterinary debt collection services. Our high recovery rates and ethical practices make us a good choice for your practice.  

2. Dental Offices

Pulling teeth is hard enough as it is. Getting paid shouldn’t feel as difficult. As part of a fast-paced industry you may not have the time or resources to recover outstanding AR. And partnering with an unethical commercial collection agency may hurt your small business.

 Our dental collection services are trusted by many dental clinics because of our high recovery rate and diplomatic approach. Here are a few advantages of working with us:

  • 100% HIPAA-compliant practices
  • Ethical and friendly approach to collection
  • A no-complaint policy, evidenced by our A+ BBB rating
  • A highly skilled and experienced staff trained in customer care

3. Landlords

We have offered highly effective commercial tenant collection services to landlords for over 28 years. If your renter has stopped paying their rent or broken their lease, then don’t waste time. Otherwise, your tenant’s other creditors may reach them before you.  

Commercial tenant debts are already hard to recover. By partnering with an inexperienced agency, your debt may only become harder to recover. So, get in touch with us today and recover your revenue with our specialized services.

4. Independent Cellular Dealers

Being an independent cellular dealer isn’t easy. On one hand, you’re facing stiff competition from the big carriers. On the other, you have customers that abuse chargebacks. With the small profit margins, you can’t afford to have customers disappear with your expensive equipment.

Thankfully, Summit A*R can help you recover your revenue. Here are benefits of using our wireless chargeback collections:

  • Fast implementation
  • A secure online portal makes that’s fast and available at all hours of the day with the real-time status of your accounts
  • Accurate and timely reports
  • Effective skip-tracing options that help us locate your customer
  • Credit reporting at 45 days
  • No fee without collection

5. Self Storage Businesses

It happens often in the self storage business. A customer leaves their goods in your unit and then disappears without paying their rent. Or they take their goods and skip town without paying their dues. Chasing outstanding AR in either scenario is difficult because such customers are usually on the move. They haven’t lived at their last known address for years and have given no indication to you about their next destination.

Instead of writing off the debt, give Summit A*R a chance to recover your revenue. Our self storage collection services can overcome these unique challenges because of our excellent skip tracing department.

Led by a licensed private investigator, our skip tracing department has the resources to find your debtor, even if they have crossed state lines. What’s more, unlike other debt collectors, we understand local laws, guidelines, and statues of limitations. If you have an idea of what state your customer is in, you can use our State Resource Center for detailed information on local debt collection rules. Alternatively, get in touch with us for expert advise from our team of professionals.

These are only a few types of small businesses that we offer commercial credit collection services to. Remember, no business is too big or too small for our debt collection services. Whether you’re an owner-operated landscaping business or a hair salon, or a freelance or artist or handyman, you can get in touch with Summit A*R to get help.