It’s Never Too Late to Contact Us for Your Debt Collection Needs

You’ve run your business with hard work and integrity. You’ve always made it a point to be organized, to communicate with your customers with clarity, and to offer a product you can stand behind. If a customer has made last-minute demands, you’ve accommodated their needs within reason, because you feel that it’s important for your business to maintain good relationships.

You’re selective about the clients you work with by performing background checks and not extending credit to those with red flags. You also avoid working with companies that appear disorganized or can’t offer references.

Suddenly, there’s a blip on the radar. An invoice from a major client isn’t paid on time. This happens despite offering the client early payment incentives and stipulating late payment charges on the contract. Initially, you aren’t concerned because you realize that most invoices are paid after they’re overdue. But then you remember that this client has been picky from the start.

They’ve needlessly quibbled about your work and tried to renegotiate the price after the contract was signed. You decide to stay calm and professional. After a few days, you send the client a reminder but to no avail.

You write off the warning bells ringing inside your head as paranoia. Your finance department follows up without success. You realize that they don’t have the experience, expertise, or skills to effectively recover successfully recover revenue in this situation. And you don’t have enough delinquent customers to justify running a full-time in-house collection department. You want to use your resources to enhance your organization rather than chase delinquent accounts.

You want to approach a debt collection agency, but you’ve heard stories about how their involvement can affect your reputation and the relationships you’ve cultivated with other businesses. After weeks of phone calls, emails, and letters, the customer finally responds, asking for an extension in an apologetic tone.

You comply, but weeks turn into months, and instead of payment, you receive more excuses. Eventually, they stop responding completely. There’s no response to your phone calls and emails. Your demand letters sent to their company address are returned. Feeling frustrated, you decide against writing off the debt. Your company needs revenue and you want to be paid for your hard work.

Here, you may consider partnering with a debt collection agency. But you wonder if it’s too late to recover this debt.

At Summit A*R. we have over 28 years of experience and have seen such situations many times before. Your customer may not be responding because of the following reasons:

  • They’re facing financial problems and dealing with several creditors
  • They’ve simply decided not to pay you
  • They’ve skipped town

Ideally, you should have contacted us at the first sign of trouble. We understand that you may hesitate to involve a debt collection agency. You may have heard that some agencies use aggressive tactics that may jeopardize your standing in the business community. However, we’re not an ordinary collection agency.

At Summit A*R, we bring humanity back to collections by following our “P.H.D. Philosophy” (Preserve Human Dignity). This means that when debt collection is crucial you can rely on us to recover your revenue effectively, professionally, and ethically. We don’t harass or abuse customers. Nor do we use robocalls or other shady tactics. Instead, we treat people with dignity and respect. And it works. We boast twice the national recovery rate across a variety of industries.  

We’re considered the nation’s foremost b2b collection agency because we apply the same philosophy when recovering payments from other businesses. When conducting commercial debt collection, we realize that there are people behind these businesses. People who want to pay debts. Sometimes, our campaign of phone calls or demand letters is enough to recover payment simply because of our reputation in the industry.

Over the years, we’ve recovered millions of dollars for businesses of all sizes. We have a long-term, friendly, and helpful staff. Our team of trained, licensed professionals boast over ten years of experience each.

We advise customers to contact us early in the debt recovery process because debt grows harder to recover with time. This is especially true if your customer is in financial difficulty. Ideally, you want to be paid before their other creditors reach them.

However, it’s never too late to contact us for your debt recovery needs. We’re proud to say that we’ve recovered some particularly difficult debts. Here are the three aces up our sleeve:

#1 Credit Reporting

Unlike your company, we can report a debtor to the three major credit bureaus. Most people are willing to pay their debts when their credit rating is on the line. We use skilled negotiation to convince a customer into clearing their dues.

Remember, businesses have credit ratings as well. If a business’s credit rating is lowered, they’ll have a harder time doing business. Not only will other companies be wary of them, but they may find it tougher to secure credit from lenders.

#2 Skip Tracing

We have a top-of-the-line skip tracing department. It’s led by private investigators and has a wealth of resources. That’s why we’re more successful at finding debtors and their assets than our competitors. Don’t despair if your customer seems to have vanished without a trace. Give us a chance to locate them.

#3 Full-Service Litigation

Sometimes a customer may refuse to pay despite our best efforts. After we’ve exhausted all recovery options, we may consider taking legal action. Our licensed private investigator completes a thorough financial investigation of the person or entity that owes you money.

After this cost-benefit analysis, if we determine that it’s feasible to pursue legal action, we ask you for written authorization. But if you don’t wish to take legal action the account is returned to the collection queue for further efforts. 

These are some of the reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate to reach out to us for your debt recovery needs. So, pick up the phone and give us a call to speak with a live representative at Summit A*R. A member of our friendly and professional staff will be happy to guide you.

Remember, we also offer Accounts Receivable Consulting. Our experienced account receivable management professionals can show you how to increase your cash flow and reduce customer delinquency and write-offs. Contact us today to get back in the black.