It takes a lot to run a business and you have a lot of different things that you have to manage and watch over. So when you have customers or clients that owe you money, you often need help to get that money recovered. Instead of using your time to recover those debts, you can use a commercial collections company like ours to recover the debt for you. We would take the client or customer information that you give us, and contact the customer to collect the debt. You, as the business owner, can concentrate on your regular daily tasks without having to worry about collecting the debt on your own.

We will be able to take the accounts that you give us and contact the clients or customers properly and ethically. We will be able to work with them on the debt that they owe and ensure that payments are made to pay it off in full. Our business debt collections company has a great way to keep all the information organized. They will be organized by importance and the debt amounts that need to be collected. This way we can help get the accounts that have high debt paid off in a timely manner so you, as the business owner, will get the money you potentially wouldn’t have seen, faster.

Here at Summit Collects A*R also treat your clients or customers as if they were our own. So we will completely represent your business for you. This will help you maintain great customer relationships and keep that customer coming back to your business in the future. We want to ensure that we help build that customer relationship for you and continue to make it grow. When we are able to work with an individual on the debt that is owed, they feel like we understand their situation and why there was a debt in the first place. We can help them regain ground as well, by getting the debt taking care of.

Accounts can be sent to us via mail, fax, or through an online portal. Once they are received they are put into a collection database. From there, the client will receive a notice of the debt within 24 hours. If the client is unable to be found, they will be placed through a skip tracing department to ensure the responsible party is found. The customer will be contacted via phone until payment has been made or payment arrangements have been made on the outstanding debt.