In today’s financial climate, many businesses are finding it difficult to collect debts owed to them. Instead of focusing on gaining new clients and revenue, business owners and their employees are forced to spend time calling past clients begging for payments. The National Federation of Independent Business suggests turning over your debt collection to a professional agency once an account is 65-90 days past due. Our commercial collection agency is a great solution for many businesses that need to increase cash flow, while maintaining their existing client base. Here are a few of the many ways our team at Summit Account Resolution (Summit A*R) can be of assistance for most any business.

The focus of every business should be making money. If business owners and employees are tied to a phone making collection calls all day, there is no time left to find new clients and new sources of income. Our commercial collection company team at Summit Account Resolution (Summit A*R) can take the burden off of business owners and their employees who should be spending their time doing other money making activities. We can restore efficiency to your business activities by giving attention to past debts while allowing you to focus on new business.

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of utilizing our team is the expertise of our collection agents. Traditional business owners and employees tend to not be as effective in their collection efforts as a commercial collection agent. We provide top of the line training for our collection agents. We are always consistent in our collection efforts and are experts in increasing your bottom line. In addition, we realize the end goal for any business owner is to collect past debts while maintaining their existing client base. Our collection agents are trained to be able to collect a debt and not alienate your client. If you have earned a client’s business, we want you to keep it.

Our collection service utilizes great technology and software programs to make our collection efforts as efficient as possible. These software programs allow our agents to track clients throughout the collection process and to find clients who are difficult to locate. We also provide real time reporting technology which allows the business owner to be able to track our collection efforts anytime they want.

Our commercial collection team at Summit Account Resolution (Summit A*R) specializes in many areas of collection such as medical collection, consumer collection and wireless collection. We also offer other services which can be of benefit to many businesses such as skip tracing, credit reporting, lease collection and full service litigation. With so many great options to business owners, it is clear that our commercial collection services are a great way to increase cash flow and the bottom line of your business. To learn more about our company and what we can do for you, feel free to browse through our site at or go to for our contact information.