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Summit A*R (Summit Account Resolution) purchases the assets of AKA Financial

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(PRWEB) June 30, 2011 – Summit A*R (Summit Account Resolution) announced today that it has acquired the assets of AKA Financial, a Minnesota collection agency.

Summit A*R (Summit Account Resolution) is a collection service located in Champlin, MN with a base of national clients. Their perfect “A+” record with the Better Business Bureau and zero-tolerance complaint policy make them a favorite among heath care providers. Tim Turner, President of Summit A/R stated: “We are very excited about the acquisition of AKA. They have a strong position in rural Minnesota health care collections. Since our philosophies concerning compliance and customer service so closely match, this is a perfect fit for both companies.”

AKA Financial is a healthcare collection service with their specialty being mid-sized hospitals and small practitioners. AKA has a zero complaint record with the Minnesota Department of Commerce and also has a zero tolerance collection complaint policy.

Brent Anderson, corporate officer for AKA stated: “The alliance between AKA Financial and Summit Account Resolution (Summit A*R) is a dream come true. We recently signed a collection agreement with Rural Health Alliance – a group of health care providers – and we needed to strengthen our position and ability to scale up without losing the personal attention and call quality our clients have become accustomed to. Our values are not being swallowed up by some faceless corporation. Rather, they are being strengthened by a like-minded and Minnesota-owned company. Being a medical collection agency makes us unlike any other type of agency. It requires us to be particularly sensitive to the reputation of our clients and the laws governing information privacy like HIPAA.”

Current clients at AKA wondering how this will impact them can rest easy. The change will be minimal and only positive. The same collectors will be on staff. They will have additional resources and support from Summit A/R.

For additional information regarding Summit AR or the AKA acquisition, please contact Brent Anderson at or 888-212-2021 or go to: