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Summit is here to help. Below, you can find answers to many of our most commonly asked questions.

How do I make a payment?
You can pay online using our secure payment portal, or call us at (888) 212-2021 to make a payment by phone.

How can I obtain a receipt for my payment?
When paying via our secure payment portal, you’ll be provided with a printable receipt as soon as your transaction is complete.

What can I do if I dispute an account, or have already paid it off?
For assistance with a disputed account, please provide us with any information that will help us investigate the matter with our client. A good way to do this is providing details in a letter, along with any documentation and/or proof of payment (such as a cancelled check, credit card statement, bank statement, or receipt) supporting your position. To ensure the right account is located, please include the name on the account and/or account number, your current address, and your current phone number.

Our mailing address is:
Summit Account Resolution
Post Office Box 131,
Champlin MN 55316

What if I’m have difficulty paying?
We can usually help! Our clients will often authorize us to offer a repayment plan, with terms usually based on the amount owed and age of the account. Give us a call at (888) 212-2021 to find out how we can help.

I’m a victim of identity theft. What can I do?
You should immediately contact your local police department to report the crime. Once you’ve obtained a police report, call us at (888) 212-2021 for further assistance.

Someone else’s information is in my credit report. What can I do?
Occasionally a credit reporting bureau will place incorrect information in a consumer’s credit file. Credit bureaus call this a “mixed file”, and it’s usually the result of a minor clerical error such as a Sr. and Jr. being mixed up. These problems can usually be resolved with a phone call to the credit reporting bureau in question. Here are their toll-free numbers:

Equifax: (888) 766-0008
Experian: (888) 397-3742
TransUnion: (855) 681-3196

How do I report that you’re calling the wrong number?
If we’re calling an incorrect number, please contact us at (888) 212-2021, we’ll be happy to update our records.

How can I notify you that the party you’re trying to contact is deceased?
In this regrettable circumstance, please provide us with the contact information for the estate’s administrator, a copy of the death certificate, and any other information that will help us identify the correct account (such as the deceased’s past addresses and phone numbers).

Our mailing address is:
Summit Account Resolution
Post Office Box 131,
Champlin MN 55316