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Summit A•R provides tailored and effective collection services spanning a broad range of industries.

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Time really IS money.

When accounts become past-due and Summit Account Resolution (Summit A*R) steps in, the search is on. Our company is a licensed, bonded and insured national debt recovery agency specializing in the unique accounts receivable issues that can plague businesses of any size.

We can find your customers and negotiate payment arrangements for you. Tap into the comprehensive business-to-business and business-to-consumer expert debt recovery services that Summit offers so you can apply your time and resources to other tasks needing your attention.

Why Summit Account Resolution (Summit A*R)?

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    Through our unique and highly effective approach that produces industry leading recovery rates, you will experience an increase in cash flow as aging receivables are returned as revenue.

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    We are a professional commercial collection agency and debt collection is all we do, so you are likely to recover more of what is owed to you than if you were to pursue delinquent customers yourself.

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    Time and resources spent on collecting debts can be directed towards more productive endeavors! We’ll take care of the messy stuff, leaving you free to focus on your core business.

About Us

Summit A*R is a nationally contracted commercial and medical collection agency and a division of Support Collectors, Inc. a highly specialized debt recovery company serving clients nationwide since 1996 and, recovering many millions of dollars in court-ordered obligations in the process. Our recovery rates, across all industries and market segments, are some of the highest in the industry and we have the reports to prove it. Best of all, our diplomatic approach to collections recovers more revenue without the complaints or customer alienation that is often associated with more traditional approaches.

We are very proud to be an active part of our local community through various volunteer and community outreach initiatives. As a leading Minnesota collection agency, we help hundreds of Minnesota based businesses and medical practices recover the money they deserve. It can be mentally exhausting chasing down past-due customer’s receivables to get the money you are entitled to not to mention it being infuriating and time consuming as well. This is why so many organizations choose to turn to an experienced and professional commercial collection agency like Summit Account Resolution (Summit A*R) to recover on past-due accounts and relieve much stress in the process.

With limited time available, your business needs to focus on revenue and taking care of current customers not worrying about unpaid accounts. Whether you need help collecting on unpaid commercial, medical or dental accounts, as one of the top commercial collection agencies in the country you can rely on us for superior results. Regardless of whether you need debt collection services in MN or anywhere across the country, turn to Summit A*R for proven, professional and profitable results.

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