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Residential Unit Apartment Collections

Fast and effective recovery services for landlords and property managers.

Your tenant has vanished without paying, or worse, you’ve been forced to battle through the eviction process. You’re already owed a fortune in unpaid rent, and chasing down your former tenant will cost even more of your precious time and money. Sound familiar? Then it’s time to turn to Summit A•R.

Over the past 25 years, our commercial collection agency has recovered millions in bad debt. In fact, our recovery rates are some of the highest in the industry. What’s our secret?

The secrets to our success

  1. Our skip tracing department is managed by a licensed private investigator, empowering us to find your former tenants anywhere nationwide — even if they’re on the move.

  2. With over ten years of experience on average, our licensed debt collection professionals are among the best in the business.

  3. Our unique “P.H.D. Philosophy” (Preserve Human Dignity) sets our collection efforts apart. No unethical or aggressive tactics here: We treat people with dignity, and help them to understand that settling their debt is in their own best interest.

Credit bureau reporting

The average consumer is far more likely to pay rental debts when they know that their credit could be negatively impacted. With your approval, Summit A•R will work with all three major credit bureaus to hold your former tenant accountable for their unpaid rent — at no cost to you.

See results in real time

Our comprehensive client portal allows you to upload new accounts for collection, view payment activity, download custom reports, and more.

Don’t wait another day to collect your unpaid rent!

When apartment lease debt goes unpaid, time isn’t on your side. Contact the unpaid rent collection experts at Summit A•R today to begin the process of recovering what you’re owed.